hyde table

Pottery Barn This console is called the “Hyde…” it’s calling my name-literally. Rustic and simple.  Definitely our style.  Are we secretly being watched by Pottery Barn?

Take time to enjoy the little things

little things

You may feel overwhelmed when it comes to decorating your home.  I sometimes get a little anxious when I think about all these projects I have lined up, but I have realized that it doesn’t have to be something big to make me smile.  Little tweaks to things you already have or buying small items […]

Quick Trim


I’m pretty sure Quick Trim is a weight loss pill so if you are looking for that, sorry to disappoint.  We put some trim up in our bedroom over the weekend to add some interest to a pretty bland wall.  This is a quick (hence the title of the post), cheap project and really filled our […]


trim 2

We have a somewhat small entry but the ceilings are super tall so it feels huge.  I really want to tear off that awful border at the bottom of the wall and paint the walls but I don’t think that will happen for awhile because we will probably have to call in the professionals for […]

Financial Freedom Fridays-Menu Planning


Ok, now that you are committed to revamping your finances, here is a useful tip that has worked wonders for our grocery budget.  Plan your menus and make one weekly trip to the store.  Mike and I were spending way more money than we ever realized on food.  We would make one big grocery trip […]

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Habitat restore

If you have never heard of this place, it’s pretty awesome.  Habitat has stores all over the country that sell home products at crazy low prices.  You can get paint, trim, furniture, flooring, appliances, lumber, fixtures, doors, etc. etc. etc.  You can check out the Indianapolis store here.  They have some inventory listed but there […]

Bedroom Makeover-ish


Ok, so our bedroom hasn’t been completely made over but we have made some small changes that has made a big difference to us.  We scored some sweet free furniture last month (mentioned here) and also a free flat screen from my hubby’s work-yep, FREE.  I know, crazy.  Anyway, with the tv on our wall now and the […]

Burlap Runner


Remember all that burlap I bought a couple weeks ago for my frame?  Well I have a ton left.  Luckily, I think it’s useful for all sorts of things.  I have framed it,  painted on it, and now, a table runner. I started to fold and pin the edges to hem it but once I had part of […]