DIY Curtain Rod Using Plumbing Supplies

diy curtain rod tutorial

Ok, I”m pretty sure this is the last and final tutorial from the nursery.  I made and put the curtains up in the room months ago, but I realized I never shared our curtain rod tutorial.  Curtain rods can be so expensive and we didn’t want to spend money on something we can make ourselves. […]

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DIY Blackout Lined Curtains with Colorblock Stripe

blackout curtain tutorial

I’m excited to share our pretty new nursery curtains today!  I absolutely love how they turned out.  I ordered my fabric online and the pink stripe is, well, pink, and I was going for peach, but they are still super sweet and pretty as can be for our little girl:)  I used some blackout lining […]

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DIY Built-in Bookcases

bookcases done

They’re done!  Well, almost:)  We are still planning on adding some arches in the top of each, but I do have some pictures ready to share.  Let me first remind you of this wall when we redid our room last year with the wall of curtains. I later swapped out the curtains and we had […]

From Roller Shade to Roman Shade: An Update

faux roman shade tutorial

In an effort to keep it real around here, I had to make some adjustments to my beloved fabric covered roller shades this weekend.  They worked fine for awhile and then as I was trying to pull it down to raise it up last week, a large pop sounded…it was the breaking of my heart […]

Fabric Covered Roller Shade

roller shade tutorial

*Update: check out this post to see how I have changed these shades! Remember a couple weeks ago when I shared that I have been dreaming of a window seat?  Well, we are drawing out plans to add one to…drumroll, please…our master bedroom!  I’m really excited about it and think it will add some great […]

DIY Roman Shade Tutorial and Closet Wrap-Up

diy roman shade tutorial

I have a few last resources and tutorials to share on our closet today to finish off all of our DIY projects.  Be prepared for a random post filled with random tutorials and pics.  I’ll start with a simple roman shade tutorial. We used the process from Homemade Ginger, but I’ll outline it for you […]

Dining Room Update: Curtains

dining room curtains

When we were in Chicago for our friend’s wedding a couple weeks ago, Mike and I made a little suburban run to Ikea.  Our closest Ikea is about an hour and a half away so we decided to stop at one in Chicago while we were up there to pick up the curtains I talked […]

Wall of Curtains

closed curtains

As you saw in our bedroom reveal, we created a big wall o’ curtains.  Here’s what it looked like before: And here it is all full and pretty: Because we were trying to keep expenses down on this project, we created this wall with stuff we already had around the house for the most part. […]