Laptop Tips {How to extend the life of your Mac}


  If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you may have seen me post about a slight panic attack I had about my computer Friday night.  I have a MacBook Pro that is about 5 1/2 years old.  I have taken it across the world, through my college sorority, and through a few years […]

Project Gallery

project gallery

Hi everyone! I’m really excited about a new blog update I’ve been working on and wanted to point it out to you all.  I created a Project Gallery!  I had a Tutorials page previously that just wasn’t functional or very organized.  I went through and spent my last day of Winter Break adding a much […]

Dirty Dog? I mean, Windows? Fish Foam to the Rescue!

fish foam and pudge

So as you as all know by this point, we have a dog.  His name is Pudge and he’s the cutest dog on the planet {true story, look it up}. See? Award winning. We love him to death, but he doesn’t make keeping our house clean any easier.  He likes to go outside, wander the […]

Styling a Bookcase

yellow bookshelf

As we are building our bookcases, I, of course, have been thinking about decorating the bookcases.  I think Mike is slightly irritated every time I talk about what I want to do, because he is focused on all the building, but I can’t help myself.  I am working on gathering some inspiration for styling bookcases […]

Life Lessons…


It all started with these two DIY tools: Totally fine on their own, but never use them together. Or your hand will end up like this: With a few stitches underneath.  Never try to unclog a glue bottle with a chisel {especially if your husband just sharpened said chisel…extra ouch}.  Lesson learned.

Great Resource: Public Surplus

public surplus

Have you guys heard of Public Surplus? I just heard about it last week {I forget where I read about it!} and love it so much that I wanted to keep it to myself so none of you could steal any great deals near me thought I would share with all of you today.  It’s […]

Round Wood Table Tutorial

round table tutorial pic

Thanks for all the kind words on our round table reveal. I’m glad so many of you were as excited as we were:)  I will warn you, today’s post is picture-heavy, but we wanted to make sure we gave all the details in case any of you are thinking about tackling this project yourself {and […]

Countertop Care

countertop shine

When we made our concrete countertops last July, we had researched ways to finish them off and settled on some carnauba wax for the glossy, sealed finish.  It worked well, but in some of the creases and cracks the yellow color of the wax never completely disappeared.  After finding a great deal on a power […]