Dirty Dog? I mean, Windows? Fish Foam to the Rescue!

fish foam and pudge

So as you as all know by this point, we have a dog.  His name is Pudge and he’s the cutest dog on the planet {true story, look it up}. See? Award winning. We love him to death, but he doesn’t make keeping our house clean any easier.  He likes to go outside, wander the […]

Summer Beauty-Dove Toning Body Wash

dove visible care

Is everyone out there suffering from horrific heat waves or is that just us?  Poor Pudgey won’t even run withe me in the mornings anymore.  Mike and I were installing cabinets in the garage yesterday afternoon {pics coming soon!} and we set him up with a fan and water bowl to try and keep him […]

Chicken Enchiladas + Michelob Ultra Cider

michelob and enchiladas

Now that we’re well into the heat of the summer, I’ve got a super yummy recipe to share and a great, refreshing drink to go right alongside.  Chicken Enchiladas and Michelob Ultra Light Cider. Mmmmm.  I meshed a few different recipes together to come up with this surprisingly light enchilada recipe. Ingredients {this served two […]

Navy Throw Pillows

close up navy throw pillows

Since we’re knee deep in the closet reno, I thought I’d make a couple new pillows for the living room.  Makes sense, right?  I think I just needed out of that tiny space:)  Here’s what I came up with. A very generous parent of a student in my classroom this year was thoughtful enough to […]

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Holiday Comforts

bloomington lights

This post is sponsored by Tempur-Pedic, the brand millions of owners trust to deliver their best night’s sleep every night. Enjoy our Buy 2, get 1 free pillow offer now and give the gift of custom comfort to someone you love. Happy Monday!  Can you believe Christmas is only 13 days away?!  I only have […]

LiveOn: Photo Vault


I have an exciting new website to share with you today.  LiveOn is a new photo sharing/storing site with so many features, you won’t even know where to begin.  That’s why I’m here to help you:)  With the upcoming holidays, you’ll definitely want to check out this new photo vault website to store all of […]

Lemonseed & Co.

lemonseed logo

Have you noticed my pretty new header and IP graphics?  A fabulously talented stationary designer, Angela Claxton, of Lemonseed & Co. is my latest sponsor and the brains behind the beauty around here. She has a fabulous way of looking at someone’s personality and style and coming up with the perfect design.  Not only did […]

Tik Tok


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Baby-G for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Who’s in the mood for a little fashion on this fabulous Tuesday?  I’m here today to tell you about an awesome collaboration between Baby-G and Ke$ha.  Yep, with the dollar sign and everything.  Baby G’s watches […]