Back to School Essentials


We started back to school 3 weeks ago and it’s been a whirlwind. Getting everyone up and moving in the mornings, hurrying home to get in some play time with mommy, cooking dinner, then getting ready for bed, and some adult time each night is exhausting! But I love my job, the kids love their […]

My Office

office cork

I promised pictures of my new office at school and finally got around to snapping a few. It’s nothing glamorous, but I wanted to show you where I put all my cute decorations:) The room actually was originally some sort of break room/work room, then became the room for speech, and then finally the assistant […]

Classroom Tour

classroom overview

I’m back today with a tour of my classroom!  Mike and I ran over last weekend and snapped some pics.  This was set up to have books scanned so you can ignore the stacks of books on all the desks-they are now all neatly put away.  I also have a few things for open house […]

Back to School: Welcome Sign

welcome sign

Well this is it.  My last few days of freedom before it’s back to the ole grind.  As much as I’ll miss my carefree summer schedule, I’m actually excited to get the school year started.  I’m teaching an ENRICH classroom, which is a group of 23 high-achieving first graders.  I have all sorts of fun […]