DIY Dog Food Storage

dog food bowl box

With our sweet Molly crawling like crazy and getting into everything these days, it was time to baby-proof the old apartment. Shiny dog bowls have been one of her favorite things to try to get into so we had to build something to keep them out of reach, but still somewhere that Pudge can get […]

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Applique Painted Onesies {Tulip Fabric Paint Project}

applique onesies tutorial

I’m so excited to share these sweet little onesies that I made for Molly recently! They only took me about 30 minutes to make both and a few dollars in supplies. I used a similar method to make both.  Here is what I used: onesies {$9 for 5} scrap fabric Heat N Bond {$3} Tulip […]

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InstaFriday-First week of Summer


Happy Friday!  I’m linking up with Jeannett again this week with some fun Instagram pictures from my first week of summer break:) Since Mike had Monday off, we decided to get up early to start our day off with a jog {ya know, to burn off all those cook-out calories}.  Bad choice.  Miserably hot, but […]

Round Wood Table Tutorial

round table tutorial pic

Thanks for all the kind words on our round table reveal. I’m glad so many of you were as excited as we were:)  I will warn you, today’s post is picture-heavy, but we wanted to make sure we gave all the details in case any of you are thinking about tackling this project yourself {and […]

Mitten Pillow

mitten pillow

Staying on my Christmas decorating kick {which may not go away for awhile-you’ve been warned}, I whipped up a simple wintry pillow the other night with leftover fabric from Pudge’s stocking. I started by sewing an envelope pillow using some muslin fabric {my go-to for pillows or anything that may not stay around forever because […]

Pudge’s Snowy Stocking

pudge stocking

Last year, we had had Pudge for about 6 months by the time Christmas rolled around and we bought him a cheapo stocking at Walmart {probably for $1} because Mike still wasn’t completely sold on the dog and I was lucky to spend a dollar and I painted a simple dog silhouette on it.  It […]

30 Day Photo Challenge-Week 2

Jessica book

I’m excited to share my 30 Day Photo Challenge Days 8-14 with you all today.  I’m having so much fun playing around with my camera and I feel like I’m slowly but surely getting better at some shots.  I missed Day 12-Sunset but I’m blaming the weather.  I put that one off until this week […]