My View of Pregnancy


As I near the end of my pregnancy, I’ve been sort of reflecting on the whole process.  It seems I get more questions the closer we get to having this baby about how I’m feeling, how the pregnancy has been, etc.  As most of you know, it was a struggle for us to get to […]

Exercising While Pregnant

pregnant exercise 2

It’s not always easy, but I feel so much better after working out, especially since I’ve been pregnant.  I definitely don’t do the same exercises I did before I was pregnant, but I’ve found lots of ways to stay fit and make myself feel good while carrying this little girl around.  I’ve done a bit […]

Day 11: Preggo Pics

weeks 7-13

It’s about that time for belly pics.  When we started building the bar in the kitchen, we took down our old chalkboard and hung it on a wall upstairs for weekly pictures.  We started taking them for fun at 7 weeks, even though I clearly hadn’t started growing yet.  It was more for some “before […]