DIY Built-In Closet Drawers

DIY Built-In Closet Drawers Tutorial

Before we get into today’s post, make sure you take a few minutes to check out the pretty new blog design! The talented Jana at Little Web Writing Hood did a phenomenal job lightening up the look around here and I absolutely loved working with her. If you are in need of a blog designer, […]

DIY Jewelry Holder

DIY wood jewelry holder

I was recently perusing Pinterest and came across this awesome, modern DIY jewelry holder by the fabulous Emily Henderson. Aren’t they awesome? I knew they would be perfect for our new closet makeover. I love the look and how simple they are but we don’t have much “modern” going on in our house or closet […]

Hiding Toys and Baby Clutter


I recently read an article someone linked on Facebook called something like The 19 Things you Never Thought You Would Do Until You had Kids. Mike and I laughed in the car the other day because we were totally doing some of the things I had read and said I wouldn’t do with my kid. […]

DIY Wall Organizer and Washi Tape Dry Erase Calendar

DIY Wall Organizer and Washi Tape Dry Erase Calendar

Hi everyone! We completed our first DIY project at the apartment this weekend. It was a little bit more of a task doing it out on our balcony rather than the workshop in our garage but we made it work. Not sure how our neighbors felt about all the noise, but they’ll get used to […]

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10 Minute Fabric Covered Cork Boards

fabric covered cork board

Hi everyone! Well, I survived the first two days of school:)  So far, so good! I have yet to show you where I’m spending my days now, but I’m hoping to snap some pics this week of my new office. I hung my big chalkboard {which I use everyday!} and my clothespin photo display boards […]

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DIY Drawer Separator Tutorial

drawer separator tutorial

We made major progress on the nursery this weekend.  We have had 4 showers over the last week and are so grateful for all the wonderful gifts we got.  This weekend was time to wash, sort, assemble, and store everything.  I’m happy to report that we got everything put together, all the clothes, blankets, sheets, […]

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Nursery Storage Buckets

nursery buckets

I realized as I wrote this post that I never shared our goods from our mini babymoon to Cincinnati a few weeks back so I’ll get on that this week.  One of the items we picked up was actually from the kitchen area, but we revamped them to fit in the nursery as extra storage. […]

Weekly Cleaning Schedule {Organization}

weekly cleaning sheet blank

Mike and I aren’t great cleaners.  It’s just a fact of our household.  We typically have the house picked up {not fans of clutter and I go crazy if there are still dirty dishes in the sink when I wake up}, but really clean?  Not our top priority.  So, we recently decided to get our […]

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