Closet Mood Board

master closet mood board

So we’re currently building our master closet. It’s a big project but so worth it to have what you want. We built the master closet at our last house as well and we loved it:               I loved that space:) It went from a huge, unorganized mess to a […]

Dining Room Inspiration: Rustic Chic


Months ago I shared the layout of our new house along with some inspiration photos to share the open concept we were going for. As we near completion on the house in the next few months, it’s time to start thinking style. We purchased all of the lighting {some have changed since that post but […]

Living Room Inspiration: Style Mash-Up

wall shelves

As we are within days of concrete pouring at our new house, we’ve started talking about our interior house design more. I’ve shared a lot about our layout and some design inspirations for our master, bathroom, and kitchen, and now I’m thinking about our living room. We still haven’t pulled the trigger on the perfect […]

5 Great Things


1. This dessert. I made it as a cake version {cream on bottom, cake, then chocolate} and it is to die for. Sinful and oh so yummy. 2. This tip. Mike has a grody hat {that he actually wore in our engagement pics} that definitely needs this treatment. 3. This fireplace layout. I like how […]

Shopping for Living Room Chairs


We are keeping our eyes peeled for some pretty living room chairs to lighten up our leather couches in our new house. Although they won’t fit in our current apartment living room, I’m always looking for a good deal:) I want something pretty and light-colored that is quality furniture but won’t break the bank. Not […]

Hiding Toys and Baby Clutter


I recently read an article someone linked on Facebook called something like The 19 Things you Never Thought You Would Do Until You had Kids. Mike and I laughed in the car the other day because we were totally doing some of the things I had read and said I wouldn’t do with my kid. […]



Hello Blog World! This is Mike doing a guest post on fireplaces for our new house. This is something we have still been talking about options on and think we have come to a conclusion. We were planning initially on just doing a wood-burning fireplace since we will have plenty of wood around. We liked […]

Great Local Find-Stash Baby Store

cloth diapers

My uncle is a builder in Columbus, IN and recently introduced Mike, Molly, and me to the cutest cloth diaper store down there. We went on a little baby shopping spree last weekend and I just had to share some of the cuteness of this store. The main product they sell is cloth diapers. We […]