Dining Room Inspiration

crates and plates

We’ve recently overhauled the kitchen and master bedroom {and parts of the master bath}, and now we’re moving onto the dining room.  We’re getting close to having our first floor “done” {at least if you ask Mike}.  Our plans are well underway, materials are being bought this week and we’re very excited to tackle this […]

Burlap Placemats


I finally got around to making those burlap placemats for our dining room.  My orininal plan was to use some fabric paint and paint farm animals on them.  Ya know, a cow, chicken, pig, dog, etc. but then I realized it might be a little inhumane to eat a piece of chicken on a chicken. […]

Gettin Twiggy Wit it


Na na na na na na na. Na na na na na na.  Big Willy Style, anyone? I am clearly getting cheesier by the day.  It’s a problem. Ready for some super cool, totally free art?  Twigs, sticks, logs.  Go out and find them and hang em on a wall.  It’s about as easy and […]

Burlap Runner


Remember all that burlap I bought a couple weeks ago for my frame?  Well I have a ton left.  Luckily, I think it’s useful for all sorts of things.  I have framed it,  painted on it, and now, a table runner. I started to fold and pin the edges to hem it but once I had part of […]



Instead of buying or making new items for your home, try rearranging.  It’s crazy how awful something can look in one room and how nicely it can fit in another.  We recently swapped some curtains from our bedroom and moved them to our dining room.  The first ones I hung our room were bought for about […]

Old Becomes New


A newly found hobby of mine has become repurposing old furniture.  It is amazing how beautiful a beat up old table can become with a little work and a can of paint.  We have recently raked in the goods at our house and I feel like I’ve won the furniture lottery (more posts coming soon).  Today’s […]