Puppy Daybed

dog bed

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you would know that we really love our puppy.  Like, a lot.  Actually, so much so that we spent some time this weekend building him a bed.  Pathetic, I know.  We bought him a doggy bed last year but he tore it open one day (kenneled up […]

Board and Batten Part 2


I am so in love with our new entry and stair case and am excited to share the stair cause tutorial with you today.  The stairs are a little more complicated because you are working with angles but once you get your angles and measurements right, it goes pretty quickly.  Mike started out by finding […]

Board and Batten


Our entryway has long been a blah area.  We have had huge white walls and this ugly border running along the bottom of the wall and up our staircase that doesn’t match our decor.  We had decided that we would take the border down and paint the whole area, all the way up the two-story […]

Mail Center


Right now all of our mail goes into a bowl.  The bowl is on the corner of our counter and we throw it there and stuff gets mixed up and we lose papers and it isn’t the best organizing system.  So to fix that problem, I was originally going to buy some cute baskets like […]

Ikea and desk update


We took a road trip to Ikea over the weekend and had so much fun.  It’s a bit of a drive for us-about an hour and 45 minutes-but it was so worth it. Not only did we get some great stuff for our house, we got almost 4 hours of quality time in the car […]

Built-In Desk


Well I put the hubs on another project.  Good thing he loves me so much or my house would be bare.  We decided to finally tackle a desk to put in our kitchen nook.  We have gone back and forth on what to put there-a hutch, storage dresser thing, and finally decided on a built-in […]


trim 2

We have a somewhat small entry but the ceilings are super tall so it feels huge.  I really want to tear off that awful border at the bottom of the wall and paint the walls but I don’t think that will happen for awhile because we will probably have to call in the professionals for […]