Creating a dream bathroom on a budget


I have a great guest post article today about creating your dream bathroom.  Great tips-we may need this for our new house! The bathroom is the one room in your house where you can shut the door and take ten minutes or an hour just to yourself, to relax in peace and quiet. Whether you’ve […]

Stained Bathroom Vanity

vanity glass knobs

  Last week I shared the newly painted bathroom, and today I have the stained vanity to match.  Let me preface this post by saying, don’t start thinking I’m superwoman here.  This was all done in the few days leading up to Molly’s arrival so I’m just like every other new mom: sleep-deprived and having […]

The Bathroom is Painted!

bath painted

You may remember the mood board I created last week for a quick bathroom update.  This is the bathroom Miss Molly will be using over the next year, so I wanted to add some pretty to it.  As you know, we’ll also be working on selling our house within the next year so we wanted […]

Bathroom Makeover Mood Board


I know it may be hard to think that I’m dreaming up a room makeover right now, but I’m in a project mood and our upstairs bathroom is going to be the victim.  With our house going up for sale within the next year and a baby coming by the end of the week {woohoo!}, […]

I’m dreaming of…


…A fancy new shower.  Mike and I have been talking about ripping out our oh-so-unattractive tub/shower combo in our master bath and installing a nice walk-in shower.  We have a bathtub in our other full bath so we aren’t worried about losing the tub.  And if I had to choose between a somewhat crappy tub […]

Day 2: Guest Bath Reveal

guest bath entry

It’s time for the long, drawn-out reveal of our guest bath makeover.  I promised some DIY projects thrown in with my 31 Days to an Imperfect Family and Home series during October and I’m delivering today.  This would be the Imperfect Home part:) You can read about our inspiration, vanity makeover, how we framed out […]

How to Frame Around a Mounted Mirror

guest bath mirror frame tutorial

We are slowly but surely finishing up the guest bathroom and will hopefully have the final reveal by the end of the week.  In the meantime, I thought I would show you how we framed around our mounted mirror.  There are tons of tutorials out there on how to build and glue a custom frame […]

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Bathroom Shelf Inspiration

knob shelf

As you know, we are slowly working on finishing up our half bath.  One of our next steps will be to build and install some shelving above the toilet so today I thought I would share some inspiration with some pretty bathroom shelving. I love the creativity in this project-take a cd storage rack and […]