Great Local Find-Stash Baby Store

cloth diapers

My uncle is a builder in Columbus, IN and recently introduced Mike, Molly, and me to the cutest cloth diaper store down there. We went on a little baby shopping spree last weekend and I just had to share some of the cuteness of this store. The main product they sell is cloth diapers. We […]

Molly’s 9 Month Update!

molly 9 months old

I can’t believe I just typed that title. It’s hard to believe our sweet, chubby baby is 9 months old and becoming a little girl. She’s crawling all over {and loves to be chased!} and pulls herself up on everything! She loves to cruise around holding onto stuff-makes her feel like she’s walking:) She said […]

DIY Dog Food Storage

dog food bowl box

With our sweet Molly crawling like crazy and getting into everything these days, it was time to baby-proof the old apartment. Shiny dog bowls have been one of her favorite things to try to get into so we had to build something to keep them out of reach, but still somewhere that Pudge can get […]

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Molly’s 8 Month Update!

molly 8 months

Well this is about 5 days late because of all the drama around here lately, but better late than never. It actually worked out well because Molly girl started crawling on Sunday so we can sneak that into her update:) She’s been working on it for about 2 months and finally took off. She’s been […]

Molly’s 7 Month Update

molly 7 months

I can’t believe I’m writing Molly’s 7 month update! Time flies. She is honestly the greatest thing that has come into our lives. God worked extra hard when he came up with this little girl:) She is so much fun, so happy, and so incredibly sweet.  I love being her momma:) She is a busy […]

Fall Family Pictures

family fall 2

We had a sort of impromptu photo session this weekend at Brown County State Park, about 40 minutes from our house. My mom wanted to snap a few pics with all the leaves turning for her so we joined in on the fun. Some of these were taken by my dad and the rest were […]

Molly’s 6 Month Update!

molly 6 months

We’ve made it half a year folks. The greatest half of a year of our lives. Molly girls is She has a big personality for such a tiny girl and makes us laugh everyday. There is nothing I would rather do when I get off work than hurry home and play with her. Lucky […]

DIY Baby Lace Headband Tutorial

DIY baby lace headband tutorial

Mike hates baby headbands. He takes them off every time I put one on Molly girl. He always feels like they are digging into her head or too tight {and a few of them have been, but don’t tell him I said that:)}. So, I decided to make my own that wouldn’t be tight on […]

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