New Camera


I am so excited to talk about our new camera today.  It is amazing how much better pictures look (especially on a blog) when you have a good quality camera.  My awesome parents gave us the funds this Christmas to get our very own fancy schmancy camera.  I should tell you that our current camera […]

Frame Something


I am super excited about this project.  We were given two huge framed paintings about a year ago and they have sat in our upstairs storage closet until now.  I decided to revamp one and use it to fill the space above our fireplace.  This is one of the pieces before: And the after: And […]

Handmade Gifts


One of my favorite gifts this year was handmade from my awesome sister-in-law.  She took a canvas and covered it in pages from a Bible and then painted an H and two birds in the corner.  It is special because she made it herself-it’s beautiful and meaningful…and looks great in our dining room. Handmade gifts […]

Merry Christmas!

xmas card

We wish you all a very blessed Christmas. Love, Mike, Jessie and Pudge

Wall Art


Artwork for your home can be affordable, unique, and easy.  One of my recent wall art creations has added a lot of interest to a wall in our bedroom.  For two new pieces it cost me about $12.  Here is how to make one for yourself: What you will need: Art canvas (I got a 2-pack […]

Inspiring Sewing Table

sewing desk

  I recently mentioned that we came into a jackpot of furniture. My mom’s boss was getting new furniture for his office and gave us-yes, GAVE-us his old furniture.  Mike and one his friends picked it up a little over a week ago and I have been hard at work to refinish it.  My new favorite […]

Switcheroo 2


Moving something without a replacement may not sound ideal, but it gave me a whole new swap idea.  After I moved the curtains from our bedroom to our dining room, I was sitting in bed staring at our bare windows and realized they looked like the same size as the living room windows.  Our bedroom […]



Instead of buying or making new items for your home, try rearranging.  It’s crazy how awful something can look in one room and how nicely it can fit in another.  We recently swapped some curtains from our bedroom and moved them to our dining room.  The first ones I hung our room were bought for about […]