Fall Fashion: Mommy Edition

This is very far from a fashion blog. However, as I grow and change and life evolves, I want to continue to share inspiration as it comes and right now I have some great clothing finds I would love to share. I have a slew of DIY and home decor posts coming up as well since we are starting to finish our basement {yay!}. So stay tuned for those if these outfit inspiration posts aren’t your thing;) I also need to work on the lighting in my pics so bare with me {I’ll hopefully improve!}-it looked a lot better on my phone;)

I turned 31 last month and feel like I’ve hit a sweet spot in life. I finally have a great fitness routine that has lasted over 6 months. My kids are fun and sweet and adorable {totally unbiased}. My husband is an all-around star in our house and work is great. Especially because we are off on two weeks of fall break;) I say that not to brag or seem like I’ve got it all together {because I definitely don’t!} but there are phases in life that are difficult and ugly and a mess. And then there are phases where you can catch your breath and feel comfortable where you are and I’m currently hanging on to the latter for as long as it’s here. Part of that is finding my style. In my house and clothing. Neutrals are definitely my safe place as you’ll notice in these posts and I love items that are made well, durable, and classic-trends are not my thing. I also love a great deal so you’ll see a variety of price points in these posts. To kick off my fashion posts, I thought I would start with some of my favorite clothes-casual an comfy. I pulled together some “Saturday looks” for us working mommas or daily looks for those mommies who stay at home. Any of these would be great for errands, brunch, a zoo trip, or a weekend wander through Home Depot.


Sweater {similar}/Jeans {similar}

You can’t go wrong with jeans and a sweatshirt. This one is actually more of a sweater material but has a casual look. Comfy and cute. I just bought it a few weeks ago but am having trouble finding it online so I linked a similar one. The jeans I’ve had for years and linked an updated version.


Sweater {similar}/Jeans {similar}

I’m not a huge legging girl but if I have a long enough tunic to cover my rear, I’ll totally rock a stretchy pant. This outfit feels like pjs but looks pulled together enough to be in public;)

fall-clothes-6Leggings/Tunic {outlet}/Shoes


The tunic is amazing. Again, it was a recent purchase but the Loft Outlet doesn’t have an online shop. Totally worth the trip if you are close to an outlet mall. Toss on a vest or scarf to change it up a bit. It would look great with some riding boots too.




Leggings/Tunic {outlet}/Shoes/Vestfall-clothes-7

Leggings/Tunic {outlet}/Shoes

These next pants are my new favorites. I could go to a play date, workout, and sleep in them. They are amazingly comfortable and don’t lose their shape after multiple wears {not that I know that from experience or anything;)}.



Pants/Top {similar}/Shoes

They have pockets on the back so feel like “real” pants and even tough they could be considered workout pants, they definitely look more pulled together than yoga pants or workout leggings. This next sweatshirt I also live in. It’s crazy soft and the little criss cross in the middle makes it feel a little more styled than a basic sweatshirt.



You can take these favorite pants up a notch with a flannel and vest. And look like the epitome of fall in it:)



I have a date night post and work outfit inspiration post coming too so come back for more!

What will you be wearing on your weekend errands?



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    Fall Fashion: Mommy Edition

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    Fall Fashion: Mommy Edition

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