Adding Height to Upper Cabinets

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to be back to blogging this week. We have been living without a computer for over a month now since my Macbook finally bit the dust and it’s been hard. We finally laid it to rest and got a new laptop which is working great. I have tons of fun updates to share! We have been knocking off some pretty projects lately that I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks. The first one is a project that we’ve had planned for our kitchen for a couple of months now. We installed Ikea cabinets last summer when we built our house. Almost a year into living here we are very happy with them. They are super functional, hold up well to Molly’s banging around, and look great. We personalized them a few months back when we added our pull-out spice cabinets and had planned to add crown molding to the tops.

DIY Pull-Out Kitchen Cabinet

We went to a restaurant during a weekend in Chicago that had an open kitchen. The layout was very similar to ours and they had these very cool open cabinets at the top that we loved for displaying pretty dishes so we decided to replicate it.

kitchen 7I didn’t take pictures of the tutorial, but it’s pretty simple. Mike built two boxes to match the upper cabinets and then added trim to the front and crown to the tops. We used the same paint that matched our cabinets so it looked custom.

kitchen 1


kitchen 6


large open cabinets


open upper cabinets


kitchen 4


open kitchen top cabinets


kitchen 3


kitchen closerI love how they turned out. They make the whole kitchen feel even bigger and accentuate the height in the ceilings {they are 10′}. Of course, like any great project, now I want to do more in the kitchen {and this was supposed to be the last project}. I would love to keep our backsplash tile going all the way up to the ceiling on both walls. Mike is on board, so one of these days we’ll get that done too.

This whole project cost around $100. Super simple, inexpensive, and adds a very custom look to the kitchen. What do you think of the open cabinets?

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