Re-grouting Tile: White Subway and Marble Tile Backsplash

We have had a huge summer to-do list that we’ve been checking off here. I am not going to post about all of them because, honestly, nobody cares about me painting all the trim in the house or touching up paint spots. But some of them are worth sharing, like re-grouting tile. As you know, I did quite a bit of the tiling in this house which means it is far from perfect. Molly’s bathroom was the first tile job I grouted and it was not good. It was uneven and when I tried to clean it I used a blue sponge and parts were forever stained. The grout color was a bit more yellow than we had wanted and I really just wanted to re-do the whole thing. Our kitchen backsplash was the same way. I don’t think I even shared it on here because I was never sold on the look. So, I decided to try to re-grout it all without knocking out the old grout and it worked like a charm. It’s basically skim-coating over all the original grout. You can see our old backsplash from this post on my Farmer’s Market sign post here:

DIY-Antique-Sign-Tutorial-5In theory, it was going to be great. I love the look of dark grout with subway tile and I also love marble. The dark grout looked great against our quartz counters {which are white with tons of variations of gray in them} and the marble really made our potfiller pop. However, the dark grout and the light grays in the marble seemed like they belonged in two different kitchens to me. Here is a closer picture of the grout next to the marble.

backsplash subway tile dark grout

See what I mean? So, I went in to Home Depot a couple weeks ago and grabbed a piece of marble tile and held it up to different grouts to make my decision. Since the counters have multiple grays I knew anything would work with them. I ended up going with platinum for my grout color and love the lighter feel. Here is a “progress” pic that shows you the difference in the two colors.

Dark vs. Light subway tile backsplash

You can see as I went along how the lighter gray is a much better match for the marble tile insert. It took me 2 1/2 nap times {about 4-5 hours} to re-grout it all. It was basically a skim coat over the entire surface but wasn’t a whole lot quicker than the original job. It’s a large surface! Hauling me and my pregnant belly up and down off counters may have slowed me down a little too:) Anyway, the finished product is gorgeous and so worth the time and effort it took to re-grout the backsplash.

Subway Tile Backsplash


White Subway Tile Backsplash


Subway and marble backsplash


Subway tile backsplash 2Isn’t it beautiful? I love how the kitchen just looks and feels cleaner and brighter. I did the same thing on Molly’s bathroom floor but it’s not really worth showing-it’s just a slightly lighter off-white than the original but does look much cleaner and finished. So, if you grout an entire room/surface, don’t be afraid to re-do it if you aren’t totally happy with it because you will always be unhappy with it if you don’t fix it.

What do you think of the new grout? Would you re-grout an entire surface?

We have one final kitchen project {hint: it’s coming where those cute antiques are sitting above the uppers right now} and then we can check this space of the list! Stay tuned!

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