DIY Pull-Out Kitchen Cabinet

When we designed our Ikea kitchen ago, we were very happy with the layout. Once we installed it, there was a slight gap {which we had anticipated} between the fridge and the wall. Since this is not a custom kitchen, we knew we wouldn’t have a perfect built-in around our fridge but thought we could probably DIY something to make it work. Here is the gap we were dealing with.

kitchen built-in before 2It’s obviously not horrible, but that beautiful cord hanging in the back isn’t ideal. We had plans since the beginning to build some sort of pull-out cabinet to fill the space and be functional and finally got around to it over the weekend. Since the color and finish on Ikea cabinets are somewhat unique, I searched around online and found someone who had color-matched the Adel cabinets so we took her formula into Sherwin Williams and got a gallon to create our own cabinets. You can find a ton of tutorials online to create a pull-out cabinet but to be honest, it’s very simple. We bought some pre-painted boards at Home Depot and build a basic box. Mike used Kreg Jigs to attach it all and then added a shelf every foot. The shelves are wide enough to hold canned goods, spices, etc.

DIY Pull-Out Spice RackI was able to move my less-than pretty spices out of eyesight and put my organized spices on my open spice shelves on either side of our range hood.

Organized SpicesThe color we used matches the cabinets perfectly and we used a couple of door handles we had leftover from the kitchen cabinet install to make it blend in more. The finish is slightly less shiny than the other cabinets but it’s not noticeable.

DIY Kithchen pull-Out CabinetAbove the pull-out shelf we added a faux cabinet. Mike built another box and we painted it to match as well.  It fills the gap above the pull-out and matches the depth of the upper cabinets. Here is another before/after of how it all turned out.

kitchen built-in before


DIY Pull-Out Kitchen CabinetMuch-improved, right?

We have more built-ins going in above the cabinetry to reach up to the ceiling and finish it all off. What do you think of pull-out cabinets?


  1. Very cool! Love that makes this area look more custom, too.

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