Adding Molding to a Kitchen Island Base

Our kitchen island base has been unfinished since October:) Because we bought Ikea cabinets and built our own base, the Ikea panels for the sides were sort of fudged on. They didn’t reach the floor since Mike used 2x4s to build the cabinets up and attach them to the floor so we cut an extra piece of cabinetry we had on hand and set it up next to the island for the last 8 months:)

kitchen island base before


kitchen island base 2It has obviously looked unfinished and really annoyed us both but we were a little burnt out when we moved in and then got pregnant and then and then and then…lots of excuses:) But this summer is finish it up time. We have a to-do list that we are determined to clear before baby #2 arrives and we have been working hard to get it done. This was one of the items that I’m thrilled to get checked off. Because we didn’t have extra paneling for the sides, we got creative and used some chunky molding we had on hand and painted it high gloss black. We thought it would play off the counters well and tie in with the touches of black we have everywhere else throughout the house. I absolutely love the finished look.

kitchen island base with moulding2


kitchen island base with moulding


kitchen island base with moulding 3The molding really makes the island look custom-built and fancies up the Ikea cabinetry. We have a few more finishing touches in the kitchen and then I’ll give an updated room reveal. You can see how it looked after we moved in here.

What do you think of the molding solution?


  1. Love it; love it!!!! Really a very nice high end custom look you guys!!!

  2. Can I live in your kitchen!? I’ll be protector of the molding! :) Love all your work always!

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