DIY Outdoor Dining Table

I have months worth of DIY projects to share in the coming weeks. Now that I’m safely in my second trimester and getting my energy back slowly but surely I’m ready to get back to blogging. I’m sharing our most recent project today because it’s so pretty:) We ate outside at the table for the first time in our new house last night and it was so peaceful and nice. Mike built our deck recently {I need to share that too} and we’ve sat outside on our wicker conversation furniture for meals but it was so nice to actually eat at a table!

DIY Outdoor Dining TableThis table cost around $60 to build and can seat 8-10. We used the plans from Ana White for her Fancy X Farmhouse Table but extended the table to be 9′ long. It is the same size as our kitchen table inside that Mike built also. Our table inside seats 10 comfortably, but the outdoor chairs are much wider so we only have 8 out there. We can easily pull more seats up if we have extra guests. I painted it a creamy color using outdoor paint. Because the paint is meant for exteriors, you don’t have to add additional coatings on it-the paint makes it weatherproof. We wanted the table to be light since the deck and other furniture are wood tones and darker and we wanted it to lighten it all up.

DIY Outdoor Dining Table The prettiest part of the table is the legs. I love them!

DIY Outdoor Dining Table


DIY Outdoor Dining Table We purchased our chairs from Lowe’s and an outdoor bin from Sam’s Club to hold all the pillows so they don’t fade or get too damaged by the weather. It goes nicely with the metal of the chairs and also matches our wicker furniture.

DIY Outdoor Dining Table


DIY Outdoor Dining Table The best part of having a place to relax outside? The view:) We seeded the grass and it’s coming along so maybe by end of summer that dirt will be a thing of the past. The deer like to roam up this hill as do the turkeys so it’s a great place to park and wait for a show.

DIY Outdoor Dining Table


DIY Outdoor Dining Table We left it fairly rustic and I still have some distressing to do on the finish but we love how it turned out! We have plans to build large planters with benches for extra seating and to add some color as well. Stay tuned!

Do you have an outdoor space you love?


  1. I LOVE this table. It turned out great and the white was a great choice. I really like how big it is and will definitely be thinking about this for my next dinning room table.

  2. This looks awesome – I love the legs.

  3. I really like the look of this table in white. Technically the outdoor space that I love is the large patio where I get to build! :) Other than that, I’d say my favorite outdoor space is our patio table as well.

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