DIY Bath Vanity

If you remember our bathroom tour from when we first moved in, we had semi-complete bathroom vanities. Mike finally put the finishing touches on them last weekend so it’s time to share the simple tutorial. DIY Bath Vanity TutorialI pulled the tutorial pictures up to edit and realized we built these way back in July. Here is what we used:

  • Two 2x4s
  • 2″x12″ boards
  • 2″x8″ boards
  • Wood conditioner
  • Wood stain {we used Minwax Dark Walnut}
  • Miter saw

We started by deciding on the heights of each of our vanities. The width of them was sort of decided based on the plans we drew for them so that was easy to figure out. After living in an apartment with the worst bathroom vanity of all time, I realized I would never take for granted an appropriately sized bathroom sink:) The vanity in our apartment literally came to the middle of my thighs. Try to wash your face while squatting. I guess the pro would be that I got a booty workout every night:) Needless to say, we personalized these to fit our sizes so make yours whatever height you are comfortable with. Cut 2″x4″ boards to the sizes you choose {4 per vanity}.

DIY Bath Vanity1Mike then cut the 2″x12″ boards and 2″x8″ to fit the width we wanted {mine was 48″ and Mike’s was 32″}.

DIY Bath Vanity 2


DIY Bath Vanity3I used the pre-stain conditioner to make it more even when we applied the stain.

DIY Bath Vanity5


DIY Bath Vanity5We put one small {8″ wide”} and one wide board {12″ wide} together for each shelf using the kreg jig.

DIY Bath Vanity6We did two shelves per vanity and Mike attached those to the legs with the kreg jig as well. The granite we scored on Craigslist awhile back. Mike cut it to fit {you can see how he cuts granite here}. We purchased vessel sinks on Amazon along with the pretty faucets. We used baskets as drawers and I love how they function. For me, they stay more organized than my drawers had previously done. We left the vanities as they look below until about 3 days ago:) They have worked great but I love the new finishing touch Mike added this weekend.

DIY Bath Vanity8We originally thought we would build a big drawer around the sink faucet pipes but realized we don’t need them so we added a false front and sides and hardware to finish them off.

DIY Bath Vanity 13


DIY Bath Vanity 14


DIY Bath Vanity9


DIY Bath Vanity11


DIY Bath Vanity10They turned out great. We built both vanities for about $50 in wood and then whatever you decide to spend on counters {our granite was around $200}.They are beautiful and functional. I’m so glad we went with the open shelves. They add such an airy warmth to the bathroom.

Would you build your own vanities? Do you like the open look?


  1. Whoa! Brave souls having all that held by pocket screws!

  2. Ahhh, that is so beautiful!

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