DIY Barn Door

You guys have seen our DIY barn door when I showed you our master bath, master bedroom, and DIY bed but I just recently realized I never gave a tutorial for it when a sweet reader asked. When we built the door, it was in the craziness of having just moved in and trying to accomplish 1,034 things and I wanted something pretty done so we made the door. I shared the pretty pictures but never the how-to so today I’m finally ready:)

DIY Sliding Barn DoorThe whole door and track system cost around $115 altogether. Mike used car siding wood from the Menards because it’s tongue and groove so you can easily piece them together. We started by staining the boards.

DIY Barn Door Then Mike glued the grooves to the tongues to attach them together.

DIY Barn Door We clamped them together and let them sit overnight.

DIY Barn Door I didn’t take pictures of the next step but I did draw a little diagram of how we glued and nailed on the top boards that give it some character.

DIY Barn Door We bought our sliding hardware on Amazon for about $75.

DIY Barn Door The door handle was from there as well.

DIY Barn Door It looks great open and closed. It adds the perfect amount of warmth to our cool bathroom.

DIY Barn Door


DIY Barn Door

DIY Barn Door


DIY Barn Door Hardware



DIY Sliding Barn DoorWhat do you think of barn doors? Would you put them in your room?

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  1. What’s the back of the door look like? The front looks awesome!

    • Than you! t is just the stained planks without the center cross board. If you can picture the boards in the picture with the clamps without the clamps, that’s what it looks like:)

  2. Beautiful! I just found your blog while searching for DIY barn doors. Your colors look fabulous together. Nice work! Do you know if there’s any way to make this lock? I really want to convince the hubby to do our bedroom door but I can’t find any way to lock it…

    • You could probably buy a latch lock that would be simple to add on from any home improvement store {kind of like you see in a hotel or apartment}. They have some that are simple hooks that would be very subtle.

  3. What brand/color is the stain on the doors? Love them!

  4. What did you use for the frame and cross boards?

  5. I have a similar door I installed in my cabin, and my tack room of the horse barn. Love the look allot. Great article Jess!

  6. I’ve been searching for instructions for ones with bookcases built into them. Do you know where I might find those? I have 2 doors that I want this look for and one of them is in a perfect space to hide a bookcase behind the door and to have a bookcase as part of the door. Love barn doors.

  7. Would you be able to recall if the car siding was pine or cedar that you used? Thanks!


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