No Sew Pinch-Pleat Curtains

I’ve shared a couple tutorials over the years for how to make your own curtain panels {recently¬†here }. Those were simple to make but can take a few hours to complete. I recently discovered how to use hem tape to make your own curtains and I don’t think I’ll ever sew them again. I had heard other people talk about no-sew curtains before but didn’t see how they could possibly turn out as nice of a finished product as sewing the panels could. I was totally wrong.

master bedroom french doors

My curtains are 9′ panels. I purchased my fabric online and with 4 panels total I was going to need 12 yards. The total cost per panel is about $30 which may not sound that inexpensive, but for 9′ panels, you aren’t going to find anything for less than $75 per panel so it’s quite a savings to make them yourself. And you can customize them a lot more. To start, lay out enough fabric for one panel.

no-sew curtains step 1You will need to pre-heat your iron. The instructions on the Heat-N-Bond says to set your iron to medium heat but my iron is a cheap-o and old so I turned it up a little higher. Step 2 is to roll out the hem tape. You’ll want to leave at least the width of the hem tape between the tape and the edge.

no sew curtains step 2You will peel of the side of the hem tape that is on the fabric so it adheres and leave the tape on the other side. Then iron over the tape to adhere it to the fabric.

no sew curtains step 3Then peel off the tape side that you just ironed over.

no sew curtains step 4

Fold the fabric over top and iron it onto the hem tape. This will create the hem.

no sew curtains step 5It should create a a nice, straight edge.

no sew curtains step 6Repeat these steps on all 4 sides of the fabric. Then to create the pinch pleats, grab the top edge and pinch evenly spaced areas of fabric.

no sew curtains step 7Clip the rings to the fabric.

no sew curtains step 8That’s it. Super simple.

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master bedroom entrance view


master bedroom curtainsEach panel took about 20 minutes to make. Have you ever made no-sew curtains? Who’s willing to try now?


  1. I always wished I had learned to sew, but I’ve managed to do just fine with the method you demonstrated. Just about all my curtain panels are made just like that and no one would ever know.

  2. Definitely going to give this a try. Where do you find the rings?

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