“I Do Still” Glass Artwork

One of my favorite pieces in the master bedroom gallery wall is the gold and glass “I Do Still” artwork. This was super simple and free because I had all the materials on hand.

I Do Still Glass framed art

I started by grabbing a glass frame we had at our old house. It was a great frame that we just put a few wedding pictures in and then some pretty landscape pictures when we were selling our house. As I was digging through some of our home decor boxes in the basement I found this frame and started brainstorming what I could do with it.

glass picture frameI saw this cute art print and loved the saying on it so I took the idea and ran with it. I made my letters in the Silhouette Design Studio first.

i do still silhouetteThen I simply peeled them off and put them on one side of the glass.

sticking i do lettersI put the frame back together and hung it up. Easy peasy.

I Do Still sign1


master bedroom gallery wall


master bedroom gallery wall up closeWe are mid-way through our 5th year of marriage, lots of ups and downs and a sweet, chunky baby later and I would still choose him everyday. On days I don’t always remember to tell or show him, now he can see that everyday and know:)


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