DIY Open Shelves

When I shared our kitchen when we first moved in, you may have noticed a big blank space on one side of the kitchen…

kitchen with pudgeWe left the walls on either side of the window cabinet-free with the purpose of installing some open shelving there. We stopped the upper cabinets on the back wall short so we would have room for the shelves on the window wall. My vision was to create some chunky wood shelves to display our white dish ware that we use everyday. One complaint that I hear about open shelving is that the dishes on them get dusty so I thought if we just displayed dishes we wash everyday we could avoid that issue:) I love having them out for others to see and they look great against the wood shelves.

DIY Open Shelves

All we did was buy some 2″x12″ boards from Home Depot, cut them to fit the space, and stain them using Minwax’s Dark Walnut. We bought some wood corbels from Home Depot as well and hung them up. Pretty simple and they look beautiful.

diy open shelves 4


diy open shelves 7


diy open shelves 5


diy open shelves 2


diy open shelves 8


diy shelves 3


diy open shelves1

I love how they warm up the white kitchen and display some of our pretty dish ware. What do you think of open shelves?

The last big project in the kitchen is the backsplash so stay tuned!

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