DIY Silhouette Closet Art

This is the last official tutorial in our master closet makeover. I’m sure we’ll continue to add to it {we have some upper cabinetry and a laundry cart in mind} but for now we can wrap up this pretty space. The artwork I made for this room was such a simple project and makes a big impact in the space. There is something I love about a little touch of “his” and “hers.”


This was the first time I used my Silhouette to cut fabric and it’s awesome. I found some cute images in the Silhouette Design Studio that represented us and bought some fabric squares to cut them with. Here’s what you’ll need to make this project:

  • Silhouette {I have a Portrait}
  • fabric
  • interfacing
  • iron
  • canvas
  • wood
  • stain
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • wire or picture hangers

Unfortunately our camera was out when I did this and since Molly deleted my phone pictures, I have no evidence of the first few steps:( The good news is it’s pretty easy so hopefully words will do it justice:

  1. I started by sizing up my designs in the Design Studio. Make sure you set your machine to cut fabric {mine was a thin cotton}.
  2. Then lay out your fabric and iron on the interfacing and cut them so they are the same size.
  3. Stick both layers onto the cutting mat and run it through the Silhouette. You can either peel off the interface backing before or after you cut-I tried both and they were both fine.
  4. Once you cut the shapes, iron them onto the canvas. I bought a very thin canvas to use and Mike came up with a great idea to back the canvas with wood to make a bigger impact.

I stained the edges of the wood first {we used extra birch plywood we had on hand leftover from the built-in drawers}.

staining closet artThen I hot glued the canvas onto the center of the wood.

hot gluing closet artTo hang them you can use a picture hanger or wire. We had wire on hand so I just stapled it to the back of the wood to make a hanger.

closet art hangers

Put a nail on the wall and call it done.

closet art and bench


closet tie art


closet mike side 2


closet my side


closet high heel art


closet art and light

closet art mike


closet art workWhat do you think of artwork in the closet? Do you have any pretty inspirations in yours?

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  1. This is such a cool idea, and one I would love to do as well! I am having a hard time finding the men’s shirt you have on the very bottom in the Silhouette store – can you let me know what the name of that design is? I would really appreciate it!

    • Thank you, Jessica! It’s actually called the tuxedo shape card. When you open the file it will bring up layers and I just adjusted until it was only the shirt. Good luck with yours!

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