Master Closet Reveal

Friends, I cannot tell you how excited I am about this reveal. We’ve lived here for a little over three months and our master closet has been a disaster zone. Mike put up the hanging rods before we moved in so we at least had somewhere to hang clothes, but everything else has just been in piles on the floor which is not ideal. I had more than one occasion where I got very frustrated because I couldn’t find the shirt/sock/sweater I was looking for because it was in a mess of other clothes {Mike can attest to the fact that it wasn’t pretty}. I dreamt up this design as we built the house and absolutely love how it came together. My main goal was to create built-in drawers so we didn’t have to have dressers in our room anywhere. I have lots of tutorials coming your way but today is all about the pretty pictures.



closet jessie side


closet mike side 2


closet drawers


closet drawers and shoes


closet hardware


closet art work


closet art mike


closet high heel art


closet tie art


closet my side


closet mike side


closet shoes


closet jewelry holder


closet drawers 1




closet bench

closet art and light


closet wood jewelry holder


closet bench 1Not only is this little bench we scored at Target a great spot to put on your shoes, it’s also a perfect perch for Molly to watch the pretty winter snowfall.

molly watching snow


molly looking for snow


molly looking out closet windowSo sweet:)

There are still some nail holes to fill and paint touch-ups left, but we are currently soaking up the beauty of being organized:) DIY tutorials coming your way: built-in drawers, clothes artwork, jewelry holder. Just like our old closet, I truly believe that if you have a place for all of your things, everything will end in its place.

We absolutely love it. We sit and stare at it while we brush our teeth in our bathroom:) Do you have a closet you love? What would be on your closet must-have list?

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  1. As you know my closet is a MESS; stuff everywhere! I absolutely love your closet and how organized you guys have it! And I truly appreciate the hard work in building it all from scratch as I was lucky enough to watch it all come together; before and AFTER is amazing! LOVE IT! Great job as always you guys!!! And of course Molly thinks it is just perfect too!


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