Closet Mood Board

So we’re currently building our master closet. It’s a big project but so worth it to have what you want. We built the master closet at our last house as well and we loved it:















closet-hersI loved that space:) It went from a huge, unorganized mess to a beautifully put-together closet where everything had a place. But time to move on. New house, new closet. We have some similar aspects, but it’s much larger and more open than the ¬†old one.

master closet mood board


Kind of a brief overview of the important pieces of the closet:

  • large mirror
  • built-in dresser drawers under our hanging clothes bar
  • hat rack
  • jewelry organizer
  • cute closet art {already in the works!}
  • shoe racks
  • purse holders

The main goal: a place for everything and everything in it’s place:) Hopefully by the end of the month we’ll have an exciting room reveal!

What would be on your closet must-have list?


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