DIY Mudroom Tutorial

This mudroom project is the perfect mix of function and beauty:) Having a place to drop purses, bags, coats, gloves, and the millions of shoes we somehow seem to have is awesome. That old saying of “a place for everything and everything in it’s place” is so true. We first realized that when we built our closet in our old house and that is one of my main goals in the new house. Create a dedicated storage area for all your things and somehow they all manage to make it back there. It’s amazing. The second best part of this project is the cost: $100 for this area! Hard to beat.

$100 mudroom cubbiesSupplies:

  • 14 pieces of tongue and groove siding
  • 1″x18″x6′ aspen wood {the bench seat}-2
  • quarter round
  • 1″x10″x6′ wood {the shelf}
  • wire
  • hooks
  • dark walnut minwax stain

I’ll apologize in advance for the pictures-our camera has been on the fritz so these are iPhone pics but hopefully we’ll be back in working order soon! Ok, tutorial time-The bench seat we simply stained. It was the right size so we used Dark Walnut stain and it was ready to go. To build the actual bench, Mike just cut the second sheet of aspen wood so each piece was 18″, a typical seat height. He connected them to the top piece by using the kreg jig and screwed them together.

mudroom kreg jig holesThen Mike took the nail gun and attached the bench to the wall by nailing at an angle.

nailing mudroom benchWe had some extra trim from our kitchen cabinets that Mike cut to size to finish off the underneath cubbies. You could use any wood for this part. Use an L bracket to attach the trim to the wood bench seat.

attaching shelf trim mudroom

attaching mudroom bench trimWe also put baseboard in between the cubbies to finish the walls off behind the baskets. To create the backdrop, we used tongue and groove boards {called car siding}. Mike painted them with our paint sprayer ahead of time and then nailed the to the wall with his nail gun.

nailing mudroom boardsEach board slides on top of the previous one so it’s pretty easy to assemble. He face nailed the boards and we put a little putty in them and they were good to go.

attaching mudroom boardsThe final part was the top shelf. We wanted to do something besides corbels for interest and decided on a wire system. Mike bought these hooks that he attached to the edges of the shelf board.

wire shelf hooks


wire for shelf

mudroom drilling wire hooksHe also screwed an L bracket into the wall for extra security,

mudroom shelf L bracketHe used a hook on the wall and tied the wire through each hook to secure the shelf.

wire shelf holderWe bought the shelves and bottom baskets from the Container Store and I love having a place for each of our things. The top baskets hold our scarves, hats, and gloves and the bottom baskets are for each of our shoes. Molly likes to organize and reorganize them:) The last step was to add some hooks to our wall to hang coats, bags, and purses from. We nailed quarter round in between the bench area and closet to finish the corner off {broom closet tutorial coming this week!}.

mudroom 1Do you have a mudroom or drop spot in your house? Anyone else on board with the “a place for everything and everything in it’s place theory?”



  1. This looks amazing! What a great space.

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