DIY Stone Fireplace

Our stone fireplace in the living room is one of the main focal points when you enter the house. It is one of the first things you see when you walk in from the front door or the garage door so we wanted it to be beautiful:) Mike finished it on Friday night and I love how it turned out-he did an awesome job.

stone fireplace finishedI threw a shower here for a friend on Saturday for lunch {which is why there is still a pink tissue puff on the mantle:)}and then we had a dinner party for Mike’s birthday on Saturday night so we needed the main living area to be pretty well finished for all of our guests. There are still nail holes to fill and trim that will need touch-up paint, but for the most part it looks complete. Mike put the stone on the fireplace himself over the course of a couple weeks. The stone {this is the one we purchased} is very heavy and comes in 6″x20″ slabs. You can only do a couple row per day as the weight is too much to hold more than that at at time while it’s wet. We started out by putting it on with mortar as most tutorials would you tell but it really wasn’t holding well. We were frustrated and talked to a friend about it who told us he had put a different type of stone on with liquid nails before and it worked well. We were shocked that that would hold it so we did a little research and it is in face a thing you can actually do so we went for it. Soooooooooo much easier. You’ll need a lot of Liquid Nails but it’s only a couple dollars per can and the ease of use compared to mortar is worth a lot more than that. We ended up purchasing a wet saw to cut the stone itself and that worked well. I didn’t take pictures of the process because it’s pretty cut and dry: measure and cut your stone, glob on some liquid nails and stick it up. Mike typically did 2 rows per night. The hearth is a leftover concrete slab from when we made concrete counters at our old house. It goes perfectly with the stone we chose.

fireplace stone side



We plan on making a built-in entertainment area around the tv but for now we just mounted everything to the wall.fireplace area




fireplace stone up close

mantle simple


fireplace stone kitchen viewThis is the view when I’m standing at the kitchen island. I just love how the fireplace came out. Big props to my hubby on all his hard work:)  We had our mantle and corbels made from a reclaimed wood place in Bloomington, IN. It’s rustic, chunky, and beautiful.

Did you know you could glue on fireplace stone surround?


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