Dream Home Tour-Master Bath

It’s a tough decision to decide which room in the house is my favorite but as of now it’s a tie between the kitchen and master bathroom-which is why I’m sharing those two first:) This room is bright, clean, airy, and beautiful. We went with a neutral color scheme in the bathroom as we did with the rest of the house and I love how it turned out. Keep in mind, again, that this is still an unfinished space-the vanities are still on shims, we need baseboards, window trim, shelving, etc.¬†Quite possibly the prettiest thing about the bathroom is the entrance-Mike built this sliding door last week and I have a tutorial coming up about that:) It’s such a statement piece in our bedroom. At almost 9′ tall, it looks really grand in there.

sliding bathroom door

And here is a sneak peak into our messy, unfinished bedroom:)

master bath door and bedroom

Now, let’s enter the bathroom!

master bathroom1


master bath2

I love all the light in here. I took all these pictures in the middle of the day with no lights on and it is so bright. I’m on break from work right now and am showering when Molly naps so I’m getting to watch all the beautiful leaves fall outside the window while I shower. It’s pretty awesome.

In that empty shower floor area under the window, we will eventually have a claw foot tub after we refinish it. Here’s more views of the shower area. It’s heavenly.

master shower complete


master shower1


master pebble floor


master shower stall


master shower glass


The shower glass makes a big impact on the room. The teak shower bench was an Amazon purchase-it’s a great contrast to all the white and gray in there. The stone floor is really comfortable to stand on and looks so cool in person. It gets quite a bit darker and brings out even more of the rock colors when it’s wet. The vanities we built and the granite counters are Craigslist finds. We still have some finish work to do on them {add a wood apron around under the counters, finish off the shims} but they work just fine. I love how big they are and that we don’t have to share:) The Ikea baskets are more functional than drawers and hold a lot.

master vanity jessie


master bath sink

bathroom vanity sideThere is an empty shelving area and toilet nook also but they aren’t pretty enough for this post:)

What’s your favorite thing about your bathroom?


  1. Susan blettnerinc says:

    Love your bathroom! Love the shower and tile, love the textures on the floor tile great job!! Also love the sink and vanity, and use of baskets, cool mix of textures! I would love to retreat here!
    My favorite part of my bathroom too is the walk-in shower! And I love the serenity of the entire room!!!!! Awwwwwww!


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