Weekly House Update: Week 23

Oh, friends. So much has happened in the last week which is why I haven’t blogged. We’ve been so busy over at the house that we’re lucky our bodies are still working. I do have tons to share and lots of tutorials to come your way, but I thought today I would just share some eye candy progress. Let’s start with the kitchen. My brother-in-law was awesome and came over a couple of days and installed all of our doors and drawers in the kitchen and they look great. We still need to add hardware obviously but right now it’s just the necessities so we can move in in a few weeks. On either side of the windows will be chunky open wood shelves eventually.

kitchen with appliances


cabinets without countertops


kichen island with door frontsThe last cabinet in the island will be open with a shelf that our microwave will sit on for easy access. The opposite cabinet in the island is a pull-out for double trash cans. Now on to the hardwood floors. Mike, with the help of his dad, worked his booty off to get the wood laid throughout the main area of the house and it’s sooooo beautiful. Having installed almost half the wood that goes through the house, we have decided to hire out the rest. For the sake of time and Mike’s back it’s the best idea we’ve had in awhile:) It’s only a couple thousand dollars at this point {since Mike has already done so much} and we are way under budget so it was a pretty easy decision for us. It’s a dirty, dusty mess right now but you can get the idea of how it looks. You can read more about our floors here.

dirty bamboo floors


living room floor installed


hardwood in main living areaMike got part of the stair rail installed as well. We stained all the wood this weekend to match the front door and I love how it’s coming together. We bought extra spindles and are going to make a baby gate to match:)

partial stair railMike and his dad also got the cement board installed on the fireplace. We are in the middle of finalizing our stone choice but that doesn’t have to be installed to move-in so we do have a little bit of time left. I know it’s a mess, but you can get the visual of the fireplace here.

messy living roomThe final big project that got done over the long weekend was our master bath tile. You guys, this was a huge project. And I’m proud to say I did it all by myself {well, 98% of it-Mike cut a few tiles for me}. I am sooooooooo in love with this gray and white bathroom. I’m telling you the pictures don’t do it justice. And I didn’t get tons of detail pics because it was still a bit dirty, but once it all comes together you’ll get a closer look. This is more of an in-progress peak:)

master shower tiled

master bath shower tiled

me tiling master bathThe stone floor is so cool. All the little gaps in the rocks fade away once it is grouted and dry. You can see the difference between wet and dry grout below.

stone floorI love it! Mike is working on installing vanities this week and the electricians installed a bunch of lights yesterday so we’re on our way! Let’s recap the to-do list for moving in:

  1. Finish installing kitchen cabinets {uppers}-today
  2. Build shower pan-today
  3. Tile bathroom shower walls in master and kid bath-this weekend
  4. Grout allllllll tile-this weekend
  5. Install vanities in all bathrooms {this week}
  6. Install the cabinets and sink in laundry room {next week}
  7. Install cement board on fireplace-Labor Day
  8. Install hardwood throughout house-Labor Day {get started}
  9. Install hand rail around stair case-after wood is installed {partially done}
  10. Install front porch-after framer does the base {possibly this weekend}
  11. Hang interior doors-once wood is installed {next couple of weeks}

Jobs for subcontractors:

  1. Install A/C unit {will be done by Monday}
  2. Grade around front and back of the house-excavator {hopefully next week}
  3. Install all lights, sockets, switches-electrician {partially complete}
  4. Install all shower heads, faucets, fixtures-plumber {starting this week}
  5. Frame front porch-framer {this week}
  6. Install countertops {in the next 2 weeks}
  7. Hire movers! Our scrawny muscles won’t be able to lift a thing after we finish all this work!

It’s exciting to see things getting checked off! Some of the other items are partially checked off so that’s good too. It’s really happening!


  1. Jessie this looks amazing!! I can’t believe all of the work that you guys have done yourselves! I can’t wait to see it all in person soon!

  2. Looks amazing! And your house looks huge!!! How tall are the ceilings in the kitchen??

  3. Travis Scott says:

    Great site! Found your blog on google and my wife and I have very similar taste as you guys. I know I’m late to the party, but any chance you could give me the great room dimensions or just the entire width and length from the kitchen to the fireplace?

    Thanks so much and great job!

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