Tilemania Continues

And it seems like it will never end. I’m not going to sugar coat it folks, tiling stinks. It’s not fun. But we are getting closer. We have over 650 square feet of tile in this house between floors and walls and it’s a lot more than we realized when we started this project. There are three main steps: install cement board, lay tile, grout and none of them are enjoyable. But they do look so pretty so I know it will all be worth it in the end. And we’re saving thousands of dollars by laying it ourselves so that’s another plus! Last weekend I laid the laundry room, half bath, and master bath floor tiles. Mike worked in the evenings last week and was able to also lay Molly’s bathroom floor tile so we just have the walls left to do. Unfortunately, there is almost as much wall tile as floor tile so there is still a ways to go. This weekend we laid all of Molly’s shower tile and part of our shower wall tile so we’ve checked a good amount of that off the list. We couldn’t complete our shower walls because Mike had to build the shower pan this weekend also. That raises the floor in the shower area so that has to be complete before we can start any of the three tile steps I listed above {so we know where to start the wall tile}. The pan probably took about 6 hours to make total, but there are waiting periods between steps so there was no way to get the pan in and tile the walls in the same weekend so tile will continue this week. Here is a sneak peak into our bathroom. I am sooooo in love with how this room is coming together. It’s even prettier than I pictured it when I designed the room:) {FYI-we forgot the camera both days so these are iPhone pics. I’ll apologize in advance for the poor quality-these don’t do the rooms justice!}

master bath partially tiled

master wall and stone tile before grout


master partial wall tileThis tile is sooooo pretty. We have built wood open vanities to go in here and I think they will be the perfect touch to warm this room up. I love love love love it. Did I mention I think it’s really pretty? :) Molly’s bathroom has more of a cream tone to it. Below is her shower walls that we tiled this weekend. We opted for inexpensive tile for her bathroom and it came back to bite us. The tiles cracked multiple times and were much harder to cut than the bathroom and laundry tiles because of that. I would suggest paying a little more per sq. ft and saving your sanity:) We went all the way up to the 10′ ceiling to make the shower feel bigger. It’s a small cost that makes a big impact. Again, poor photos below-the colors are not accurate and they are fuzzy but you can get an idea.

molly showe rwalls 3


molly shower wall tiled


molly shower before grout

While Mike worked on the shower pan for the master bath {tutorial coming later this week}, I started grouting. I got Molly’s floor done and about half to the laundry room. This process was much easier than laying tile, but it’s tough on your knees. Even with knee pads on, my knees are still sore and red. After tiling all day yesterday, my body was spent so I would suggest two people doing this job or taking some time off between steps:) I posted an instagram yesterday saying I felt a little like Cinderella scrubbing floors on my knees yesterday, definitely not a glamorous job. The first thing I had to do before I could grout was go through each tile and clean them. Some tiles had globs of dried mortar that I had to scrub with what I would consider an oversized toothbrush and a sponge. Then I grouted, then I wiped again with the sponge. I basically had to clean each floor that I grouted 3 times when it was all said and done so keep that in mind as part of the job. Another thing to consider is grout color. I was going for a slightly lighter grout color for the laundry room and the grout didn’t quite turn out as I hoped. It’s still a few shades darker than the color on the bag. I’ve heard it lightens up as it dries so maybe it will still change. I’m fine with the color with the laundry tile if it doesn’t lighten up, but I do want a lighter grout than this in our master bath. We had already purchased multiple bags of this color planning on using it in that room as well so we may have to exchange depending on how this turns out. Here is the area of the laundry room that I got grouted:

laundry with groutThe darker grout will probably hold up better in there anyway as this is a laundry and mud room. This is where we will enter our house everyday from the garage so it’s going to see a lot of traffic and dirt. Hopefully the darker grout will hide some of that:)

So that’s where we are. Mike is going back over tonight to put in the cement board then work on tiling the shower floor and finishing the walls once that is in place the next few nights. He has Thursday-Monday off so hopefully he will be able to get a lot done in those 5 days besides tiling. I have Friday-Monday off so I can help with 4 of those 5 and his dad will be over a couple days as well to lend a hand also. Anyone want to come finish the tile project for us? We’d pay you in hugs and praise:) We’ve had some questions as to how we are managing this with a little one and I’ll be honest-she’s getting lots of time with her grandparents. She loves it, we miss her. The good news is it’s only a few more weeks and we’ll all be snuggled in at our new house every day:) We did take Sunday morning off and went to the park and it was good for our hearts to play with this swing-loving smiley girl:)

molly swingingThe pigtails just top off her cuteness:)


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