Move-In Checklist

It may seem crazy that we will be moving in in 5 weeks or less seeing as we don’t have floors, complete kitchen cabinets, any fixtures, toilets, faucets, etc. but it’s going to happen. Actually, it has to happen. Our lease is up at the end of September and we would prefer to not be homeless:) We are working our booties off every free second to get this thing good enough to move in. The inspector said we can get a temporary permit as long as there are no hazards and then they would come back with the final inspection once we finish all the little things {closet shelving, trim, etc.}. I can’t believe that within a matter of weeks I will get to drive up this driveway and sleep in this house everyday. We are so blessed.

move in checklistSo here is what has to happen over the next 5 weeks so that we are able to move in. The list is in order of how we plan to finish everything but is subject to change as we go.

  1. Finish installing kitchen cabinets {uppers}-today
  2. Build shower pan-today
  3. Tile bathroom shower walls in master and kid bath-this weekend
  4. Grout allllllll tile-this weekend
  5. Install vanities in all bathrooms-possibly this weekend
  6. Install the cabinets and sink in laundry room-Labor Day
  7. Install cement board on fireplace-Labor Day
  8. Install hardwood throughout house-Labor Day {get started}
  9. Install hand rail around stair case-after wood is installed
  10. Install front porch-after framer does the base
  11. Hang interior doors-once wood is installed

Jobs for subcontractors:

  1. Install A/C unit {will be done by Monday}
  2. Grade around front and back of the house-excavator
  3. Install all lights, sockets, switches-electrician
  4. Install all shower heads, faucets, fixtures-plumber
  5. Frame front porch-framer
  6. Hire movers! Our scrawny muscles won’t be able to lift a thing after we finish all this work!

We have a 4-day weekend with Labor Day next weekend and plan to work as many hours as we can squeeze into the days to knock out as much of that to-do list as possible. It’s one of those things where we feel so close yet so far but I know we can do it. We will do whatever it takes to get the heck out of this tiny apartment:) We are all feeling it close in on us and spend as little time as possible here. I was out at the house last night and could just hear bugs and birds and wind. Beautiful sounds compared to the barking, fire sirens, loud cars, and loud people we hear all the time at this apartment.

Anyone else lived through a we-can’t-fit-in-this-apartment-phase and live to tell about it? Who thinks we are going to check off our giant to-do list in the next 5 weeks? Eek!


  1. You can do it! I felt that way and was 35 weeks pregnant!! Those last 4 weeks I about lost my mind, BUT it is TOTALLY worth it! So excited for you guys! Can’t wait to visit :)

  2. I am truly amazing with all that you have done so fas twith having a little one at home. Do you bring her with or have you had people help watch her on the weekends?

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