That pretty well sums up where we are with the house. Tilemania. Mike was out of town this weekend so it was up to me to keep this project going. I went straight from work on Friday to the house and worked for a couple of hours until it was time to go home and put Molly to bed. I was able to get about 80% of the laundry room finished and completed it yesterday morning. It turned out great! It will look even better once we had the pretty grey grout.

laundry room tile 1


laundry room tiled


laundry room tiled view from kitchen


half bath and laundry tiledThese tiles are 18″x18. They were pretty easy to work with and if I had a straight row, it went really quickly to lay them. The most time-consuming part is cutting the tiles when you get to a wall. {You can read more here about how the process went}. I would recommend knee pads and gloves for tiling projects. When you are spreading mortar, you are on your knees for awhile and even with knee pads my knees are red from being on that hard floor so much. The gloves you will want to protect your hands from blisters-they hurt! Spreading the heavy mortar will rub your hands. It also helps keep them somewhat clean because it can be a pretty messy job:) Once I finished the laundry room, I moved onto our master bath. I was actually excited to tile the bath tub floor. This is one continuous floor into the shower area, but I wasn’t able to lay that side yet because Mike still needs to build the shower pan. Then we can go back and finish the shower. This tile was super easy to lay. I think it took me right an hour to do this whole area {the laundry/half bath area took about 5 hours total-it was 180 sq. ft.}. I love these cobble tile mesh sheets. I snapped a chalk line to start from the edge of the half wall. It doesn’t line up exactly with the closet opening so I wanted to make sure I had a straight line. The first row went down in just a few minutes. The only time consuming part here is cutting the mats with utility knife when you get to a wall. I also had to peel stones out in places and replace them with smaller ones if the puzzle wasn’t fitting together but that part was kind of fun! You can see some gaps and lines where the mesh tiles meet each other with the darker mortar under the mats but once we put the light gray grout over all the stones, they will blend right into one another.

cobble tile up close


cobble bath floor tile


cobble bath floor tiledI can’t wait to see our pretty claw foot tub sitting on it! I love love love love love love this travertine tile. You can find out more about this tile here. When the bath floor was finished, I moved into the main floor of the master bath. It is a large tile gray ceramic tile. The best part about this is how much coverage you get with one tile {they are 12″x24″}-it makes the process go more quickly. I used the same tile cutter that we used in the laundry room to cut these and it worked great. I saved all the areas that need cut with a saw for Mike:) I’m not real confident in my skills in that area so I’ll leave that up to him.

master bath floor tiled


master bath floor tile up close


master bath tiled from showerThis last picture is the most accurate color of the tile. Our pretty grey and white bathroom is coming together! We need to finish the little areas I left and then start on the massive white tile wall. I anticipate that taking some time. Our last tile job is Molly’s bathroom/guest bath. We have 16″x16″ tiles for the floor and 12″x12″ tiles for the tub surround. Oh, and then grout it all:) Hopefully by the end of this week we can check tiling off of our to-do list! I have to admit, this was a big job and I’m really proud of myself for doing it alone. Who knew I could carry a 25 lb. of mortar, mix it with a drill, and haul it into the house to spread it…then cut the tile and actually make it turn out pretty good. I even impressed myself:) Sometimes you just have to go for and hope it works!

Anyone else out there tiled before? Any tips for tiling giant walls?


  1. You did an awesome job! Now if I can just con you into grouting, we will be set :)

  2. Maggie B. says:

    Looks so good!! I can’t wait to see it!

  3. Do you have a picture of the mosaic stone tile after grout?

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