Weekly House Update: Week 20

So I skipped last week’s update. Things have been busy:) It’s hard to write a blog post when you are constantly doing the work you need to blog about. It’s all coming along though. The brick finally started this week and we love it.

front view of house bricked


front of house bricked


corner of brick


bricking the houseIt’s looking great! I love the variation in it. Inside, Mike has worked in the evenings this week putting in the rest of the cement board in the bathrooms so we can get more tile laid this weekend. That was a tough job. Here’s Molly’s bathroom:

molly bath cement boardAnd our bathroom.

master bath cement board


shower cement board


master bath before tileHe didn’t install it on the bottom half of the shower because we still need to build the shower pan which will take a little bit of the wall space. Here is a sneak peak of a couple of the tile that will be going in this bathroom.

master wall shower tile


master bath floor tileHopefully next time you see it, it will be stuck to the ground:) Mike also had to bring over the appliances and put them in place. This may not sound like the typical time to do this, but we had the countertop measurers come out and they asked for them to be in place. It was exciting to see some shiny new appliances. I can.not.wait to cook in this kitchen. It will be such an upgrade from our tiny apartment kitchen we’ve been living with for a year.

dishwasher and sink




stoveThat’s about it for the week. Chugging along! Wish us luck with all the tile this weekend:)

house from distance with brick


  1. Looking GREAT! Can’t wait to see it in person. You guys are doing a great job.

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