Installing our Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

It was another busy weekend at the Hyde household. Saturday morning Mike and I started installing the kitchen cabinets. We had assembled the boxes at home over the last couple months {just one a night or so-they only took about 10 minutes per cabinet} and were ready to bring them over and put in place. The process was relatively simple. Ikea thinks of almost everything;) We started by attaching the ledger board that we got with our cabinets to the wall. The most important thing here is to make sure the board is level because this is how you will level the rest of the cabinets. It also serves as the back supports for the cabinets. We put our ledger board about 5″ off the floor to make our final cabinet height around 35″ plus the countertop will make them 36″ tall. We screwed the ledger board into the studs on the wall. As you can see we have a couple of vents below the the cabinetry so we needed the cabinets to be above those also.

cabinet ledger boardWe had to cut the ledger board behind where the stove is.

cutting cabinet ledger boardWe put the feet under the cabinet fronts and the back of the cabinets will sit on the ledger board. We screwed the cabinets into the walls. Ikea cabinets legs are nice because you can twist them up and down to level them with the ledger board. It makes for easy installation. The cabinets have marked areas in the back corners of each cabinet where you are supposed to attach them to the walls but we decided it would be more secure to attach them to studs so we added extra screws on some cabinets. We also screwed each cabinet to its neighbor:)

attaching cabinets togetherThe island was a different story. Because there are no walls to secure the cabinets to, Mike and his dad built a base of 2x4s that are attached to the floor. With the cabinets attached to the wood, they are nice and secure. Side note-the island is much darker than what you can see here. These are just the inside of the cabinets. We have panels to cover the sides and back and the door fronts will all match. The doors are the same style as the white cabinets you will see below.

island base builtWe will have toe kicks that will cover all the 2x4s and the legs of the cabinets once everything is put together. We didn’t put the upper cabinets in yet {although we only have 3} because we are just moving through our priority list. The cabinets need to be in place for hardwood installation so that is why we started there. Mike’s dad started putting on the drawer and door fronts but only lasted through a few and moved on to something more fun:) We’ll get them all in eventually!

lower cabinets installed


island installed


first cabinet with drawersWe also started tiling this weekend so that’s coming soon! Who else out there has installed Ikea cabinets?


  1. Maggie B. says:

    They look so cool!

  2. Im in the process of installing them RIGHT NOW. We just got done building the boxes today and hope to move on to installation tomorrow. I have just one question for you though. We aren’t using ikea doors, but are ordering from SemiHandmade instead so we didn’t get any plinth, door, or cabinet fronts which means we also didn’t get the ledger piece. Can you tell me what size that is? We are just going to have to go pick up a piece from Home Depot. Your cabinets look so great:)

  3. Help! How did you install the back panel to the island?

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