Porch Ceiling Installation

Before I move on to today’s exciting porch ceiling post, I have a favor. We have been nominated for best concrete project on Bob Vila for our DIY concrete counters at our old house and I would love love love for your votes!


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One of the projects Mike and I started after we finished painting was installing our porch ceiling. As you may remember, our front porch spans the entire house which makes it about 95 feet long. That’s a lot of porch, people. The final step to totally closing up the house was to put on the porch ceiling. Obviously the interior has walls and ceilings so that is enclosed but the porch ceiling being open to the attic has let in the occasional bird and friends so we needed to lock it up. It may seem a little out of order as the porch isn’t on yet, but this needed to get complete so Mike and his dad put up some scaffolding last week so Mike could reach the ceiling. They used some scrap wood that they attached from the walls to the porch columns and then used scaffolding ladders that our framer had left behind {because he will use them on our friend’s house soon} to walk across. It worked really well. Step one was to spray paint the trim around the house. This was the first coat and we will go back over it when we spray the boards.

mike spraying exterior trimHere is a better view of the scaffolding.

mike on scaffolding

Mike had spent some time last week cutting all the boards to size, but apparently slightly mismeasured as all 230 boards were 3/4″ off. Oops:) So, when we started on Sunday after painting, I had to take stacks of boards to the miter saw, cut them to the right size, and carry them back to Mike. My arms have been sore all week:) But it worked. He used the nail gun to attach them to the framing.

mike nailing porch ceilingAs you can see, we have lots of lights out there. Mike used his jigsaw to cut the boards out around the lights.

mike cutting porch light holesIt took longer to move the scaffolding as we went across than it did to nail. I don’t really feel like we lost time recutting the boards because I was able to cut quickly enough that Mike wasn’t waiting on me-it was just a pain to do:) But, boy does it look purty.

porch ceiling finished


porch ceiling done


porch ceiling up closeUp next, install cabinets and start on tile! I can.not.wait!


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