Weekly House Update-Week 18

Drywall will be complete today which means paint tomorrow! The crew has been hard at work taping, mudding, cleaning, and texturing the ceilings and it looks awesome. They will be sanding all the walls today and doing one last round of cleaning and then heading out. We also got electricity, water, and gas hooked up this week. Mike and his dad have nearly finished the fireplace pipe and also put scaffolding on the front of the house so they can put up the porch ceiling soon. The brick we ordered came out a little darker than it should have so the brick company has been out this week picking through all the thousands of bricks and pulling out the dark bricks to replace. Lots of tedious work. The mason will get started on Monday. So, let’s work our way in. The view of our house as you come through the trees will never get old to me.

house with scaffolding from driveway


house with scaffolding on frontHere you can see the scaffolding on the front of the house Mike and his dad put up.

scaffolding on porchInside, you can see the nice smooth tape and mud seams.

dining room drywall and tape


living drywall and tape


dining room view from kitchenHere you can see how nice and smooth it is. These guys did a great job.

smooth drywallMike and his dad had to work a lot in the attic to get this pipe for the fireplace put together. Isn’t our gigantic ladder cool?

attic ladder in garageHere is what they’ve done up in the attic. I could never tell you all the work they’ve put up in there but it’s hours and they had to do a lot of math and work:)

fireplace in atticAnd here it is in the living room.

fireplace pipe belowMolly inspected it and approved:)

molly with fireplaceShe loves running around out in the country with her daddy;)

molly and mike running in driveway


molly pullingmikes hairShe will be able to do this everyday very very soon:)

Happy weekend, friends!






  1. Tommy Botello says:

    So, you didn’t spray foam the attic?

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