Spray Painting Doors

As I mentioned in this post, we purchased a heavy duty paint sprayer. We knew we would paint our entire house and wanted something that would hold up to lots of use. The sprayer says it can withstand up to 125 gallons per year so we knew it would last. We decided to spray all of interior doors as practice last weekend. The doors we purchased were primed but not painted. We went for a bright, pure white in semi-gloss for all the doors to have a little contrast with the walls. We purchased a 5 gallon bucket and will use that for all the trim in the house. We used less than a 1/3 of the paint so we have plenty left. That also shows that the sprayer isn’t too wasteful because there is still plenty left. We watched the video that came with the sprayer before we went out to the house and prepped our painting area by just brushing away dust around and bringing in two sawhorses to set the doors on.

door set upBut then we realized that wouldn’t work. It would be a lot of work to walk around the doors and get them sprayed all over so we decided to stand them up against the sawhorses and spray that way. The sprayer is pretty easy to work. The first time you use it, you have to prime it by running some water through, then drain the water out, stick the hose right into the bucket, and spray. That is a simplified version, but you get the point:) It’s easy. We started just above the door and went straight down. If you start on the door, it tends to spray a lot of paint in that starting spot so it went more smoothly start just above. Always wear a mask! That paint will fly right up your nose if you don’t and that’s just gross.

spraying doorsKeep the gun as straight as possible. We would basically squat up and down as we painted and tried to stay about 12″ from the door. You are supposed to overlap each stroke 1/2 way so by the time you get to the end, you hopefully haven’t missed any spots.

partially sprayed doorsYou can see how well it covered also. One coat was all it took. Each door took about 10 seconds to spray. Not exaggerating. It’s fast. We are planning on painting walls and ceilings this Saturday and are thinking we can do the whole house in a day. We’ll see how it goes. We’ve got some practice under our belt so we’re feeling pretty good about it. We also had to spray the door frames. We just did a quick spray from underneath.

spraying door framesThey looked great when we finished.

painted doorsThe hardest part was waiting for them to dry. If it only takes a few minute to paint all doors and hours to dry, you have to find something to do in between so Mike ended up just coming back the next day and finishing since it was a quick job.

spray painted doorsWe spent about $300 on this sprayer, but it has already been worth every cent. I can’t imagine rolling and brushing all those creases in the doors. And the time it would take to roll every wall in the house is unimaginable or paying thousands of dollars to have someone else do it.┬áHave you ever used a paint sprayer? Who’s ready to buy one now?!






  1. Maggie B. says:

    Cool! I want to try it!

  2. We have owned a paint sprayer for years and I think it is one of my favorite tools! Once you get the hang of it, the results are so awesome! Even with the time it takes to clean them afterwards, which is the hardest part to me. So glad you bought one!
    My next project is trying the paint sprayer for my dining room chairs ( I have wicker ones and wooden ones ) with Chalk Paint! Anxious to give it a try, hope it works!
    Love your blog!

  3. I would paint all the 6 panel wooden doors in my home that are now stained. I dread the brush strokes! A Finish Max sprayer would be a dream come true.

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