The Work In Between

Sometimes my weekly house updates may not seem like much is going on, but I can assure you, Mike is constantly working on something over there. There are so many little things that are needed for prep or to get ahead so we can get moved in as soon as it’s livable. Besides making tons of phone calls to the county, inspector, and subcontractors, Mike is out at the house most evenings after work doing odd jobs. He did all the fire caulking in the house, installed the attic ladder {with the help of his dad}, added plywood to parts of the attic so there is a floor, and just this weekend he sanded all the sub flooring. The insulators finished this weekend and Mike started prepping the floors for hardwood. Before I share that, let’s see all that beautiful insulation. The first picture is step 1: the spray insulation.

sprayed insulationThen with the batting:

garage insulatedBeautiful, right? Just kidding…but, I do love seeing progress. So, back to Mike’s work.

The plywood subfloors were uneven due to water. When the wood got wet, it soaked up the water and areas where the seams were stuck up and made the floors uneven which would lead to uneven and creaky wood floors.

uneven subfloors

So to solve the problem, Mike rented a big drum sander and went over all the floors to smooth them out.



sanded seamsThat man is a hard worker and I’m very grateful for him:)

Drywall is being delivered today and the workers will start on Tuesday so a week from Saturday {if not earlier} we will be painting. This weekend we also upgraded the paint sprayer we bought. Mike started to worry that the sprayer we got wouldn’t hold up to the amount of paint we would be using so we got this one:


It’s a professional sprayer and we are hoping it will be worth the extra $50 {it was marked down to $319 at Menards this weekend}.  You stick the hose directly into the 5 gallon bucket of paint and we are apparently going to be able to paint the entire house in a day or two so that’s pretty sweet.  Oh, and in other big news, we picked a paint color! This was tough. I told Mike I think it was the toughest choice we’ve had yet. We can’t paint a swatch on the walls since a sample can would barely show a color difference and we don’t have any walls to put it on to see how it looks with the floors, trim, etc since those aren’t in yet:). There are more shades of white than any other color-did you know that? Makes it even tougher. In the end, the awesome guy at Porter Paints helped us narrow it down and we brought our top 3 choices home and taped them to our Ikea cabinets to make sure they weren’t going to make the cabinets look yellow and vice versa. I ended up going with Sherwin William’s Dover White. It was slightly creamier than the Alabaster I was originally leaning towards and I think it will be great. We will be color-matching it at Porter Paints because we know a guy who can get us a hefty discount;) Here is a beautiful kitchen that’s painted in Dover White:


Beautiful, right? Next weekend we will be testing our new sprayer on our interior doors as we will be painting those. Fingers crossed it’s as easy as we’ve hoped;) Anyone ever used a paint sprayer? Or Dover White? I’d love some words of wisdom!


  1. Susan blettnerinc says:

    Jessie! Wow things are coming along! I love the color Dover White. I used it for trim in my bathroom in fairyland. And it’s close to Linen at the cottage. I think you will be happy with it, it’s very warm and blends with many other colors! Actually, a lot of decorators recommend it for trim! You guys are working so hard can,t wait to see the finished product!

  2. Maggie B. says:

    So much progress! Funny that Susan commented on Dover White…I was going to say the same thing. That they used that color in Fairland and it’s a really nice white. Good choice. I can’t imagine making all those decisions.

  3. Wow. Looks fantastic! Hope I can get there this weekend to see it in person. Pudge looks like he is ready to move in.
    If you haven’t done so already you might want to take photos of the walls & ceilings before they drywall. That way you will know where all the pipes and wires are for future reference.
    Getting close. Can’t wait.
    Love you guys!

  4. All the trim and doors in our house are Dover White. When we refinished our sons big-boy bed, we painted it Dover White, too. It’s such a great color – not stark white, but more warm and inviting! Crazy with all the variations of white out there and so many people have experience with Dover White!!! Enjoy!


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