Weekly House Update-Week 16

Hi friends! Today is my official last day of summer break. That doesn’t seem possible does it? How crazy is it that we are talking about school in the middle of July, but it’s here. Our first day for teachers is next Friday and the students start the following Tuesday, July 29th.  Nuts. The good news is, even though summer was short, we gets lots of long breaks through the year so come October, I know I’ll be happy that we went back so early. And really, I just got off of a 6 week vacation, will work for 9 and then have another 2 weeks off. That’s a pretty sweet schedule so I can’t complain. Anyway, on to the house updates. Molly and I ran out there this morning to check on insulation, which is just getting started. We did the re-inspection on Monday and had a few minor updates to correct but were given the green light to move forward with insulation and drywall.  Unfortunately, the insulators are just starting today so no drywall has gone up yet. They do two types of insulation-spray and then the batting kind. They spray around all the seams in the plywood and then batting in between studs. They are out spraying today and will put batting in tomorrow and Monday. Our drywall is being delivered on Monday and I believe they lay it out in the house where it will be hung. Tuesday the guys will start hanging. Our brick guy has been finishing up another job so hasn’t gotten out yet either so physically there isn’t much to show this week. Mike does a ton of behind the scenes work though fixing little things and prepping for upcoming projects so I’ll do a post next week showing all that fun stuff.  We did get a water line run this week which is exciting. Mike could explain why much better, but we had to get three different people to get this done. One guy had to put a port thing in, one guy dug the trench, and the other put the water line {I think that’s how it went-Mike is definitely the brains here:)}. You can see where the trench goes from the water source at the main road and follows our driveway through the woods and back to our house. If you see where the road goes through the woods, that curves around to the right and our house sits back from there. Last week’s update has a pretty picture showing the house once you get through these woods.

water trenchAnd even though there isn’t much to show as far as progress goes, it looks awfully pretty during the morning sunrise:)

house 1Happy weekend, friends!



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