Picking the Perfect White Paint for our Walls

White is white, right? I’m finding out that’s a big fat “no.” There are about 1.26 million shades of white, actually. Since this color will be the color for our house, going on every wall in every room, it has to be pretty. Not a white that has looks more yellow, taupe, grey, or any other color. I want a pretty, creamy, airy white. Easier said than done, my friends:)

picking white paintI’ve been to Sherwin Williams and Home Depot and grabbed some samples. Since we have the majority of our kitchen cabinets put together {and sitting in our cramped apartment}, I was able to tape some up to the cabinets to see the variation. My main concern is that I don’t want the white of the cabinets to make the walls look yellowy or vice versa.

white swatches on cabinetsTurns out, the majority of them look fine. So, now it’s time to just pick one. We are hoping to be painting the weekend of July 25th so we need to settle on a color soon. After doing some online researching for advice from bloggers and designers who have painted white walls before, I’m leaning towards Sherwin Williams Alabaster. It’s described as being a creamy, not too stark, but still pretty pure white and sounds really pretty.







As much as I’de like to just grab some samples and choose one, I think it’s always nice to have a recommendation from others of a color that is tried and true.  I plan on getting a sample of alabaster and painting a board to take around the house and make sure I like it in the light. I’m sure it will look different in each room as natural light differs and again when we get lighting installed, but it’s time to just suck it up and make a decision.

white paint samplesDo you have a favorite white? I’d love some recommendations!



  1. Jessica K. says:

    I can’t say that I have a perfect white to recommend :( BUT when we moved last summer and painted all but two rooms in our new house, I found the paint ladies at the True Value at Worthsville Rd. To be extremely nice and helpful in choosing paint colors. They carry Benjamin Moore paint at that store, and it seems like many of the colors on houzz’s app are Benjamin Moore. Anyway- you may go there if you have a free hour. The best tip I took from them was to get a sample of the stark “white” white and hold the color you like next to it. That will help you see any undertones that you might miss. Happy color selecting!!

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