Weekly House Update: Week 15

It’s been a bit of a slow week, but we are still moving forward. We had our inspection for electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and framing on Tuesday. Unfortunately we didn’t pass:( Apparently it is very uncommon to pass on the first inspection so we weren’t totally shocked. We had a list of quick-hitter type fixes to make and after today they will all be complete. We have the next inspection set for Monday morning so fingers crossed we make it this time! We have our insulators set to start on Monday after the inspection so we need it to work:) If all goes well, insulation will take a couple of days and drywall can start mid-end of the week next week. Brick is also set to go up next week so I’m hoping to have a great update next Friday! I realized I don’t think I’ve shown the house from the edge of the woods on here before. This is the view of the house as soon as you get through to give you a better idea of how the house sets on the property.house with driveway before brickWe put the front door back in this week and put all hardware on exterior doors. Now that we have the garage doors on, the house can be locked up if we want. We are in a bit of a different situation than a home that is being built but a builder because after drywall is complete, we will be the only people going in and out so we don’t need one on of those dummy doors up. We will be locking the house up once drywall is in and working as quick as possible to get in there! I love how you can see the front door as soon as you get through the woods and turn down the driveway. I love that door:)

house with front doorIn the next picture you can see where the recessed lights will go on the porch as well. We put lots in there:) And fans can be installed also.

front door installed from lawn


front door installedWho’s ready to come visit?! Who thinks we should make this driveway tree-lined???:)

house from driveway


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