Weekly House Update: Week 14

There wasn’t a ton of progress this week, but what was accomplished is very pretty:) We have painted dormers! After Mike tried and realized we weren’t equipped, we hired it out and I’m so thankful we did. They look great and I didn’t have to worry about Mike falling off the very steep roof:)

dormers painted with proch


house with dormers painted


dormers painted up closeWe bought a pretty, soft gray for the sides and ultra white for the trim. They look so crisp and fresh and will go perfectly with our brick. Speaking of brick, there is stacks of it everywhere. Those will hopefully start going up next week!

house bricks stackedAnd then came our pretty garage doors. Love love love them. Molly just cared about the rocks:)

molly with garage doors


garage doors from side


garage door hardwareI loved the hammered hardware. We are doing little things this weekend {putting the front door back on, adding harware on all exterior doors, etc.}. We plan on enjoying lots of time with family and friends this long weekend instead of working:) Molly loves coming out here to play, not work. She recently discovered the joys of running around the huge yard. I think she’s going to love living here:)

molly running in yard

Have a wonderful 4th of July!

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