Vacation Recap-Disney World

We spent last week in Orlando with my family. It was insanely hot {think 95 each day}, but we managed to still have a great time. We spent two afternoons at Disney parks thanks to my sweet cousin who has friends in high places that were able to get us in for free!  The biggest challenge with a 14-month old was keeping her cool and managing naps. We fed her lots of ice {which she loves for her teething!} and watched lots of inside shows:)

molly in minnie ears

molly at belle


moly on disney train


hollywood studios



molly and mike in epcot


me an dmolly at epcot


She wasn’t the biggest fan of the characters:) We started with Mickey which went ok…

mickey mouseGoofy had to go to the other side of Mike because she was so terrified of him…

goofyAnd by the time we got to Minnie, it was all over.

minnie mouse


Hilarious:) We bought a couple of different Disney fans. The first one we got was a clip-on which we thought would be great for the stroller but it didn’t put off a ton of air. It worked ok, but the mister we bought the second day was much stronger. The clip-on was great for her naps in the Ergo though:)

molly napping in carrier


The three keys to a great nap at Disney: Ergo carrier, sound machine phone app, Mickey fan:) We also visited Downtown Disney and walked the Boardwalk near the resorts {we stayed at a Marriott condo just outside Disney}.

family on boardwalk


molly at disney beach


molly in sunglasses


molly on mikes shoulders

She LOVED the pool! We have a pool at our apartment complex that we’ve been to a few times and she absolutely loves splashing in the water this summer. This was a nice change from our Hawaii trip:) I’m glad she likes to swim now!

mom and molly swimming


molly swimming to mike


mike and molly swimming


throwing molly in the poolShe likes to be tossed around:) It was a great trip, but this girl was exhausted by the end of it all..

molly sleeping at disneyAnyone ever taken a baby to Disney?



  1. Amanda Siebert says:

    Looks like such a fun trip! Molly is so precious and getting more adorable by the day!! Thanks for sharing such great family photos!

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