Weekly House Update-Week 13

Hi everyone! It’s been a bit of a quiet week around the blog-we’ve been on a nice, but very hot vacation! We went out to the property this morning to see the progress while we were gone and I snapped a few pictures to share. Not a ton of progress this week as we are in a little bit of a stand still. The plumbers were finishing up today, framers are out, and electrical and HVAC are ready for inspection. We have had a little kink in getting the inspection done-we didn’t realize our fireplace had to be installed to be able to drywall so we had to rush and get parts and Mike and his dad will install it tomorrow. As soon as that is in, we can get the good ol’ Morgan County inspector out. Once we pass inspection, Mike will do the spray foam insulation {hopefully next week} and then drywall can start. We are about a week and a half behind our original schedule, but that’s no big deal. One thing I am excited about this week is the pretty arches the framers finished in our dining room and hallway. The pictures don’t do it justice, but they look awesome!

arched hallway

arches in dining room

arched dining roomAren’t they pretty? It really classes up our plywood house:) Here is an updated shot of the exterior. Not much has changed-they just finished the trim, but it’s nice to look at:)

back of house ready for brick


front of house with framing doneI snapped some pictures of Molly out there today too:) She’s so sweet.

cheesy molly

molly 1 black adn white

molly 3

molly smiling with finger in mouth

Have a great weekend!


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