Spying on Your Baby-The Beauty of Video Monitors

It is good to be a parent in the 21st century. Technology lets us spy on our kids no matter where they are:) One of the items on any new parents must-have list is a video monitor. I can honestly say it’s been one of my favorite things to have since Molly was born. When she first started sleeping in her own room, we spied on her every move on the monitor. I would wake up in the night {and still do sometimes} and just watch her sweet little baby-self snoozing away:) I would take pictures on my phone of the monitor when she was little just to remember what those moments looked like. My pictures are blurry since they are pictures of a picture, but I loved having them:)

mike putting molly to sleep on monitor

molly sleeping botty in air

molly sleeping on monitor

Watching a baby sleep is one of the sweetest pictures in the world. We were recently sent a new video monitor-the Keera monitor set by Levana-and this one has all the bells and whistles. {You can get yours here!}

Levana Video Monitor

You can even take pictures from the monitor so now I don’t have to take crappy pictures of the monitor picture on my phone:)






You can take videos too! I just love it. Another really cool feature is that you can watch multiple monitors at once so when our niece is here on Thursdays, Mike can watch both girls on one screen! It will be really nice whenever we are ready for baby #2 also { baby #1 1/2-our new house-has to get done first;)}. It’s pretty cool.

The other really cool feature I love is the distance you can walk with the monitor. We are obviously in a small apartment space right now, but once we get to our new house I may be outside some while Molly sleeps working on landscaping or just lounging on my pretty new porch and it will be nice to still be able to see and hear her. There are tons of other features too like playing music for the baby, a way to talk to the baby, and lots more.

Do you have a video monitor for your little one? What are your baby must-haves?

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  1. Does this monitor have a good range? I’m in the market for a new dual monitor but need one with a pretty big range.

    • Yes! I think it says 750 feet, but I haven’t tested that far:) I can take the dog outside and it still reaches so I would consider that pretty good.

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