Weekly House Update: Week 12

We are soooo close to being able to get our hands in there…I can’t wait. All of our subs should be done by the middle of next week {HVAC, electricians, plumbers, framers} so we can get our inspection to insulate and drywall. Mike is going to spray foam insulate so we are hoping to be able to do that next weekend and get the drywallers in there. They are estimating taking 7-10 days to drywall and then we are up! Paint sprayer is ready to go:) This week the framers are finishing up all the trim work.

front of house with trim putting on


garage adding trim


back of house with trimAs you can see they are close. Their final steps be to simply finish a few minor touch-ups inside and then frame out the front porch. Mike will be installing the actual porch but they are going to frame it out for him because there is such a big drop off on the front of the house. Inside, it’s been busy. Here is a look into the house from the garage.

framed house from garageYou can see some of the lights and wires from this picture. I know wired lights aren’t that exciting to you, but I’m picturing all those shiny new fixtures we just ordered:) Here is the kitchen lighting. We have recessed lights around the exterior of the kitchen with pendants above the island and one pendant above the sink {not pictured}.

kitchen lighting wiredWe added a couple of sconce lights on either side of our bed in the master at the last minute to free up our nigh stands of lamps and de-clutter our cords on the walls.

wall sconces wiredJust for a frame of reference, behind the wall with the sconces, our master closet is the room on the left and bathroom is the room on the right. The plumbers have been busy as well. Pipes have been run throughout-here is Molly’s vanity area.

pipes in molly's bathWe have a dog shower in our garage. I thought it would be nice to wash Pudge off when he runs through the big, muddy yard and maybe even a baby on occasion:) We considered putting it on a raised bed but thought in the end it would be best to keep it low to wash off dirty feet too. You can see the valve coming out of the wall where the shower will run.

dog shower installedWe are considering tiling the surround with an excess tile from other rooms if we have it. Molly was very excited to see all the progress too, of course. She loves to run around and pick up random scraps of lumber and put in new places.

molly walking at house framedShe’s also a very good assistant for her daddy:)

molly playing with tape measure at new houseSuch a busy body. Another week down, another week closer to getting out of this cramped apartment!

Happy weekend, friends!

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