Turning a Canvas Frame into a Picture Frame

Hello friends! I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to spend some time thanking and loving on all the daddies in your lives. This little girl loves playing with her dad:)

mike throwing molly at apartmentShe helped me make his Father’s Day gift too! I wanted to frame our house plans for Mike. He has done an amazing job building this house. He’s in no way been to school on general contracting, but he is so smart and resourceful that it hasn’t seemed to be too overwhelming to him and the house is coming along beautifully.  I’m lucky he’s mine:) This house is a big dream of ours that we are blessed enough to make a reality. Some days it seems like we’ve been in this apartment forever and with the walls slowly closing in on us and space around here is nonexistent with all the doors, tile, cabinets, etc. that we have stacked everywhere, we need a little reminder of what’s coming. I used a large frame we had on hand to display the plans. You may remember it from our old living room and it’s had a few different looks. It started out as an old canvas a family friend gave us years ago.

dsc_00091It’s a very large frame so I knew it would be perfect for this project. This time, I decided to go dark with the frame. I started by taking down what I had up there {a little spring saying} with my trusty assistant:

molly helping with frameI taped as she took off the clips and paper:) Then I set up out on the balcony to spray.

large frame ready to paintI used oil rubbed bronze color as most of our hardware in the new house has that finish.

spraying large frameIt only takes 30 minutes to dry!

painted large frameI called a local glass company and had them cut me a sheet of glass to inset on the back {around $22}. I used some of the leftover Elmer’s ProBond from our recent coffee table project to adhere the glass to the wood back.

frame gluedI let it dry overnight with some heavy objects on it and then got my house print out. I wanted to give it a substantial backing to keep it in place so I used a box cutter and one of 1234324235657 cardboard boxes we had laying around.

cutting cardboard for frameI just taped the cardboard to the back of the frame to hold the print in place and hung it up!

cardboard backed frameI love how it turned out and Mike did too. I wrote a little message on there so we could remember this Father’s Day. I would also love to add a picture of the three of us out at the property to the frame.

house plans framed


large frame edge


mike and molly readingunder house plan frameHappy heart:) My two loves and a view of what’s to come.


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